3 Reasons to keep in mind to inflate your fundamentals


It’s a human behaviour that we always think of a present or immediate future. It is not uncommon to say we often neglect long term goals. Aiming for a long term goal is always a champion’s behaviour, and those who plan their future properly will stay ahead in the competition.

When it comes to educating, students also should prepare themselves by making a long term study plan. Students often study only for examinations, if we ask something about the concepts they study after the end of exams, students fail to explain them, despite scoring handsome marks.

After reading the above words, students might think, what else we can do with the concepts after the end of the exam. This is where students fail, and the result is the difficulty in perceiving advanced topics. To avoid such consequences, students must follow the following steps

Read Each and every chapter

From start to schools until the end of higher secondary schools should not skip any chapter. These chapters are added to lay a strong foundation. It is quite often seen that students often study only that chapter which they feel easy to understand. Skipping any topic will not help their future studies as the basic concepts provide connecting links for the advanced topics of science.

Weightage of marks

It is quite often seen that students fail to comprehend with the chapter which has very less weightage of marks, For instance, NCERT for Class 9 Maths Chapter 1 Number systems and NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Chemical reaction and equations. These chapters are like introductory portions for maths and Science. If students fail to study those chapter, they will be in jeopardy to understand the advance topic which is interconnected to each other.

Don’t rely just on Question banks and solutions

Students whose main aim is to score good marks in the examination such students only rely on the question banks, exercise and solutions to prepare for their exams. For Example, NCERT solutions for class 9 Maths Chapter 1Number systems and NCERT solutions for class 10 Science Chapter 1 Chemical reaction and equations. This practice may be helpful for them to score handsome marks in the examination. But they fail to cope up with the concepts and will face difficulty when they go to higher studies. Hence we recommend students to study the concepts from the textbook, understand them and then jump on to 


Students study only for the sake of the exam. For the moment, it may seem a better option, but this practice fails to make a good impact on your future studies. Hence we recommend all the chapters thoroughly irrespective of their weightage in the exams. Studying basic concepts from the textbook helps to grasp advanced knowledge easily and also boosts your confidence.