4 Signs Your Bank Safe Needs Professional Servicing And Maintenance

It’s been more than a century since the combination banker safe and vaults became the most popular method of securing precious valuables. If you have crucial documents, family heirlooms, or precious things, they are the best place to store them.

However, aside from having the right vault supplier, safe maintenance is inevitable, no matter how tough or long-lasting. Several telltale signals indicate it’s time to have your safe or vault service.

1) Strange clicking noises

A clicking or other weird noises are key indicators that something isn’t quite right with the internal system of your banker safe. If the noises persist, calling your local locksmith or your vault manufacturer to fix your safe or vault sooner rather than later may help you avoid more serious damage.

2) Damaged locks

Damaged locks are more vulnerable to being pushed open, so make sure yours is tight. If your safe or vault’s mechanism shows wear and tear, you may need to call your vault supplier. A professional locksmith will be necessary to repair or replace the damaged components.

3) Refusing to turn

The problem with your bank safe might be as simple as filth clogging the workings of your safe or vault if it is not serviced regularly. Any worn or misaligned parts of the mechanism will make turning the dial more difficult.

If you use a key for your lockers, it’s best to call your safety deposit box manufacturer for assistance.

4) Malfunctioning doors

Do you find it hard to close or open your bank safe doors? It may be an indication that there may be a problem with the interior structure and operation.

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