7 Anniversary Gifts That Speak The Language of Love Fluently

If the wedding was the destination of your love, then anniversaries are the tales of the journey that makes life worthwhile with your significant one. Drenched in romance and soaked in love, anniversaries remind us of every vow that we have taken with our partner, and how blessed we are to face life, filled with ups and downs with them. Indeed, this day is incomplete without a token of affection. Every nook and corner of love gallery is filled with gifts but what we choose for our life partner, says volume about our love for them. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make the night worth remembering, even a single flower could cast the charm. However, to save you from the hassle and confusion, here’s a list of few things that could bring a wide grin on your beloved’s face!

  • Personal Photoshoot

Load up your camera and gear up for photoshoot of the year! Pick the locations that hold the special meaning in your life, the spot of your first kiss or place where you got married, just relive those beautiful memories! You can always ask a passerby to take pictures and click each other too to turn it all into a gorgeous album.

  • The Sweet Nothing

Since time is immemorial, a cake has always been a part of the celebration and anniversaries are no different occasions. This time instead of a usual tiered cake, surprise your spouse with a wedding anniversary cake that has photo on it, from which he/she won’t be able to take his/her eyes off!

  • Hot Air Balloon Date

Yes, it is Hollywood’s favourite romantic phenomenon so why not take the curiosity out of it and experience whats so special about it. Leave behind the dinner and movie anniversary dates. This time carve a niche that is not easy to surpass! A hot air balloon date is one of those exciting things that can be a milestone in the anniversary celebration.

  • Wedding Video Night

When the clock struck 12, you both wish each other and go to sleep because of the big day next morning, of course, but this year, before you get surrounded by your friends and family, take some moments for each other only and watch your wedding video. The untold stories and the unfurling laughter in your bedroom will be unmatched with any other gift that you two could present to each other.

  • Handwritten Love Letter

The craft of writing is as inducing as it was ages before and since it is slowly becoming a lost art, a handwritten letter holds a special place in heart, more than ever! When one starts to pen down their feeling, there is no stopping to the storm and that raw expression of feelings is what your partner fell for in the first place. As they will go over each line, again and again, the embedded romance in the letter will give them goosebumps and make them feel excitement like the first time.

  • Name A Star

What could be more beautiful than naming a celestial body after your partner’s name because, even long after everything is gone, that star with his/her name will shine brighter than ever in the sky. You can pick one from their sun sign or choose your choice of the constellation to single out a star that will be named after your significant other. A certificate regarding the naming and coordinates of the star will be sent over to you via e-mail or on the address that you will provide. You cannot imagine the look of surprise on their face when they will come to know that a star in the sky is shining just for them! 

  • Calligraphy Wedding Vows

Recall your wedding vows and get them framed in a calligraphic font. The romance that will spark in your partner’s eyes, after a single glance at this whimsical present, will be unfathomable. Choose a colour palette that commands the undivided attention of anyone who looks at it.