7 Mistakes to Avoid During Home Renovation

Are you renovating? Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, do it correctly the first time. If not done properly, home projects can eat up a lot of your budget and time. Voici a list of common home renovation blunders to avoid:

1. Unrealistic budgeting

Scandinavian interior design renovations in Singapore often exceed the budget. Budget an extra 20% to prepare for any surprises.

2. Incompatible with the original architectural style

The modern luxury interior design additions in Singapore do not have to match the original structure. However, they must complement it to increase resale value and look and feel great while occupied.

3. Sacrificing function for form

Consider how you’ll use the space. Think about the door, window, and outlet placement, as well as the functionality of your kitchen interior design in Singapore.

4. Too trendy

While newer looks are nice, consider resale value. Trends come and go, but good design endures. If you have questions, ask a designer.

5. Putting in new appliances

Choose your appliances first to ensure that the overall design accommodates your needs. But don’t buy them until you’re ready to install them during your landed property renovation in Singapore.

6. Pre-ordering furniture and home décor

You should wait to buy certain materials until the project’s plans are finalized and measurements can be taken accurately. Buying the wrong materials or ordering appliances that won’t fit is risky.

In November or December, consider replacing your carpet. Many home interior design stores in Singapore have holiday sales, and contractors are more willing to negotiate during their slow season.

7. Not ordering extra flooring

Order enough material to complete the job, plus 20% to account for installation wastage and defects.

Ultimately, home decor is just like a piece of art – what matters most is that you and your family love it! Let your creativity go wild, mix and match different styles to build a home that you can call yours. Visit Starry Homestead today!