7 Tips When Decorating a Small Kitchen

Kitchens with a limited space entail a careful display of decorations and other personalized kitchen gifts. If you have a small kitchen and you want to decorate it without overdoing it and without compromising functionality, this read is for you. Here are seven tried-and-tested tips.

Declutter your kitchen. A small space, clutter, uncleverly displayed decors. This is the perfect recipe for having a cramped and nonfunctional kitchen. To avoid this design disaster, first and foremost, you have to declutter your kitchen. Take an inventory of your kitchen tools and accessories and ask yourself if you truly need each one of them or not. Keep only what is essential and dispose of those who simply take up space.

Create a focal point. To further avoid having that too-cramped kitchen feel, you have to be smart with your decorations. It will be a big help if you add a focal point (e.g. Hanging personalized kitchen gifts and other artwork on one wall). This will direct people’s attention to that single area instead of them getting overwhelmed by the crampedness of your kitchen.

You may have a long or narrow kitchen, but still, you like to decorate your dining room with decorative items. Turning it into a welcoming place to entertain your guests with a beautiful dining place is mandatory.

If your dining room is small, say goodbye to the extra table and chairs. Fill the wall with a great work of art. Choose a contemporary art, or still life painting or abstract art with lots of colors, choose a theme that matches your kitchen style. This will create an ethnic look

Our dining room painting collection is a feast for the eyes, celebrating everything with food, so for inspiration, take a look from an online gallery like IndianArtZone. Select the perfect one, and give a feast to the eyes also.

Be careful with your color scheme. One of the most economical ways to make small spaces airier is by choosing a light or neutral color scheme. If you want to add character or pop to your kitchen, you can do that by opting for a bold color or pattern for your backsplash. Take note that the backsplash doesn’t take up much empty wall space. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it making your already small kitchen feel smaller.

Curate your wall design. While decorating a small kitchen is certainly challenging, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have the liberty to add touches of your personality. To make your kitchen unique to you, take the time to curate your kitchen wall design. Display personalized kitchen gifts, hang cohesively looking artwork, and gather them together in one space.

Be smart with storage. If you have a small kitchen, you have to be extra smart with your storage solutions. Instead of rectangular pot racks, opt for a wall-mounted one. You can also invest in hang racks for utensils or wall magnets for knives and spice jars.

Consider removing cabinet doors. Speaking of storage, you might also want to go for an open-shelving instead of the conventionally closed cabinets. Cabinet doors can give that feel that your kitchen is too closed off. If you remove them, you can create additional visual space. However, you also have to be mindful of your display items. Mismatched glasses and containers with different colors can make your kitchen look cramped.

Light it up. Apart from choosing light colors for your kitchen paint, you also have to have a strategic lighting design. For instance, you can add LED strips under your open shelves. Pendant lights also help add ambiance when eating meals. If you can, you can also install glass doors to allow the flow of natural light. All of these will make your kitchen appear larger.

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