8 Natural Tourist Attractions in Jakarta that You Must Stop by

Who says Jakarta is only filled with skyscrapers and there is no place to enjoy the capital’s natural beauty? You can still find some natural attractions in Jakarta and its surroundings. So, if you are tired of walking around the mall or just hanging out, you can try to stop at these natural attractions.

Maybe you feel confused when you have to look for natural attractions around the capital. The reason is, there are some places that you may not realize what is the biggest national park in the us or ignore. Well, this time we want to remind readers that there are still some natural tourist attractions in Jakarta that you can visit for refreshing.

Thousand Island (Kepulauan Seribu)

This island in Jakarta Bay, the Thousand Islands, is a natural tourist spot that has always been a favorite for Jakarta residents. No wonder many capital residents are on vacation to the Thousand Islands on weekends or national holidays.

Several islands are indeed used as tourist attractions by the local government, such as Tidung Besar Island, Tidung Kecil Island, Bidadari Island, Puteri Island, Matahari Island, and Sepa Island. Playing sand to swimming on the beach are activities that you can do while in the Thousand Islands.

Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park

A walk in the mangrove forest can be a natural tourist destination that can refresh your body and mind. You can find a shady atmosphere in the style of a mangrove forest at the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park. This place is located in the Indah Kapuk beach area, at North Jakarta.

Walking across the long bridge in this tourist park can make us more relaxed. You can also cycle at the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park. There are also boats that are rentable for tourists, to go around the river in the mangrove forest.

Suropati Park

City parks can also be considered as natural attractions. Especially if the garden is filled with plants that are arranged in such a neat way. Yes, Suropati Park is the city’s lung, one of the references for natural tourist attractions in Jakarta.

Both day and night, this park is visited a lot by the Jakartan. Many young couples think this park is quite a romantic place in Jakarta. The fountain located in the middle of the park will also add to the cool atmosphere in Suropati Park.

Situlembang Park

Besides Suropati Park, it turns out that there is another park in Central Jakarta that can bring us closer to nature even though we are in a metropolitan city. Situlembang Park is a combination of a park and a lake. Yes, there is a lake in the middle of this park. Interestingly, tourists can fish in this lake.

You could find freshwater fishes in Lake Situlembang such as catfish, tilapia fish, and goldfish. Well, what’s even greater is that we can fish for free at this natural tourist spot in Jakarta. There are several children’s play equipment in this beautiful park that can also be used for free.

Ancol Beach

This beach is a very famous natural tourist spot, not only famous among the citizens of Jakarta, the name Ancol Beach is already known throughout Indonesia. Ancol is the only place where you can enjoy beach attractions in Jakarta.

Even though it has been managed as a tourist spot, Ancol Beach still has its charm. Many people come to Ancol Beach to take a walk, date, hang out, to see the sunset. Looking at the sea and hearing the waves from the wooden bridge on the beach can also help to reduce the stress you experience.

Setu Babakan

Setu Babakan is a natural tourist spot as well as full of cultural tourism. How not, in the lake area located in Srengseng Sawah, South Jakarta, there is a Betawi village. In this Betawi village, we can get to know about traditional houses, arts, and typical Betawi cuisine.

Meanwhile, if you choose to enjoy the natural beauty around Setu Babakan, you can rent a boat to go around this lake. Want to find other activities around the lake? You can fish in this lake. It is guaranteed that you will feel very comfortable in this cool Setu Babakan.

Ragunan Zoo

Enjoying the beauty of nature does not have to be at the beaches or mountains. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by seeing the animals in the Ragunan Zoo. This place has been established since 1864 and has a collection of about 2,000 animals.

From years ago until today, Ragunan Zoo has always been the preferred tourist destination for Jakarta residents. This is because the price of admission here is relatively cheap and the place is very cool because it is overgrown with 50 thousand trees.

Indonesia Permai Orchid Garden

Who is not tempted to admire the beauty of orchids from various angles?

What kind? Well, you can enjoy this natural beauty at Taman Anggrek Indonesia Permai, which is still in the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah complex. All collections of orchids of various types look very fresh and well-maintained in this place.

For those who love orchids, this Permai Indonesia Orchid Garden is a must for you to visit. Especially after enjoying the beauty of the orchids in this park, you can take a trip to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

This is the choice of natural attractions in Jakarta that you must stop by. Every now and then you can stop by this natural tourist spot to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature as well as breathe fresh air. Ready to start your getaway to Jakarta? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!