8 Night Tours in Bandung that You Must Visit

A vacation to Bandung is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the night atmosphere there. The city of Bandung looks beautiful at night and is suitable for spending time with friends or a partner. You can drive your private vehicle and visit culinary centers or tourist attractions.

Well, for those of you who are in Bandung, see the review of 8-night tours in Bandung below!

  1. Braga Street

Braga street or Jalan Braga is one of the icons of the city of Bandung you must visit. Why? Because this place is one of the most favorite destinations in Bandung. The best time to walk this road is at night. The classic European atmosphere will be felt at night. Along the way, you will find rows of shops, malls, and modern cafes.

No wonder Braga is always crowded with visitors. Its location close to the city center also makes this street attract the attention of many tourists. If you go to Bandung, you must try hanging out at one of the cafes there. The concept of the building here is also interesting, so not a few people use this place as a photo spot.

  1. Vanda Park

If you are confused about where to spend the weekend, you can come to Vanda Park. At night, Vanda Park has a beautiful atmosphere with colorful fountains emerging from the garden floor. This Park is located near the city center, precisely in front of the Bandung Police Station or close to Bandung City Hall.

You can enjoy the cool atmosphere of Bandung at night in this park. Don’t forget to bring snacks or drinks to make it more fun. If you are interested in this park, you should park your vehicle near the police station or city hall because this park does not provide a parking area.

  1. Lembang Wonderland

Lembang Wonderland is a thematic place that will take you on a trip like in a fairy tale. This place has interesting themes, such as a sweet feel, ice cream park, magic forest, and others. You can take as many photos as you like at your favorite spot. This place is also child-friendly so that children can move safely.

At night, the atmosphere in this place will be more enjoyable. Because the ornaments and properties there are equipped with colorful lights. If you feel tired and hungry after walking around, you can stop by the food court that sells various foods and drinks. The price is quite affordable.

  1. Lereng Anteng Panoramic

Looking for a nice place to hang out? You can visit the Panoramic Anteng Slope. The atmosphere is very romantic, especially at night. Suitable to be enjoyed with a partner or friends here.

This place has outdoor and semi-outdoor areas with views of Bandung City and the hills. In addition, one of the attractions of this place is the dining area with transparent tents equipped with twinkling lights. You can enjoy the food menu with prices starting from IDR. 5,000 to IDR. 50,000.

  1. D’Dieuland

Another tourist spot in an area with cool air is D’Dieuland. This is a tourist spot that provides a variety of interesting rides. There are several exciting activities that you should not miss while you are here. You can take pictures while enjoying a meal like in a European castle.

You can also relax on a netted swing while enjoying the beautiful panorama. You also have to walk down the instagramable skywalk as well as feel the exciting outbound play. This place also provides a children’s play area. So, it is suitable for a vacation with family.

  1. Mountain Breeze

Tourists who want to enjoy the highlands can visit Mountain Breeze. You can enjoy a 360-degree view from the dining area at this place. At night, enjoy the beautiful view of the city lights.

To enjoy the atmosphere at night, you can choose to sit indoors or outdoors. The place is quite spacious and guaranteed to make you feel at home. If you visit in the afternoon, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset from this place.

  1. Dago Dream Park

Another alternative night tour is Dago Dream Park. This family tourist spot provides a variety of interesting rides with adequate facilities. This place has various instagramable photo spots such as Aladdin carpet, love-shaped seat, to the house, sky tree, and golden horse.

At night, this place looks more attractive and is very good for photo spots. Dago Dream Park also provides an outbound area, several restaurants, to lodging. One of the interesting places in this place that you must try is the magic selfie dago dreampark. This spot will make you feel like you are in the world of Harry Potter.

  1. Gedung Sate

Besides Bandung Square, you can also visit Gedung Sate as an alternative to cheap tours. This historic building is the office of the governor of West Java. You can take pictures in front of the iconic Gedung Sate. At night, this building will look beautiful and majestic with the lights that adorn the surroundings.

In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of Bandung at night, you must stop by one of the hawker centers located in front of Gasibu or across from Gedung Sate. This area is often crowded with young people from Bandung to enjoy a culinary night or just hang out.

Well, that’s 8-night tours in Bandung that can be a reference for holidays. Planning to visit Bandung soon? Find out more about Bandung and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.