All That You Need to Know About Aircon Chemical Cleaning

If you have noticed that your air conditioner is not cooling the home as efficiently as it used to do earlier when it was new, then that’s the writing on the wall which must not be ignored. In an ideal situation, the air conditioner must work as if it was new. If the air conditioner is showing issues in cooling, one of the possible reasons is dust and dirt.

Dust and dirt accumulate in the air conditioner over time and impede the airflow in the air conditioner. The root of the problem is less care and maintenance of the air conditioner. And now that the air conditioner has started to show issues, it is high time that you call for professional help lest the problem can aggrandize.

One of the holistic solutions to this issue is the chemical cleaning of the air conditioner. The best Air Conditioning Service in Singapore is delivered by They have been in the business for over 18 years and this has given them the required exposure and expertise to deliver exceptional services. Their team of experts is trained to deal with all sorts of AC issues.

Not only do they solve the issues, they do it while keeping in mind that they do not drill a hole in your pocket. Their services are very much affordable and are a bang for the buck. They also incorporate the latest industry standards in their services and comply with all the health and safety regulations.

What is chemical cleaning?

This is a technique that involves dismantling the air conditioner unit and then cleaning all the components with a special chemical-based cleaner. The air filter and the fan evaporator coil are cleaned if the unit is clogged and if it reflects leaking issues then the drainage system is subject to similar treatment.

Benefits of chemical treatment

Improved air quality

Dust and dirt are very harmful to the health of the air conditioner unit and for those who inhale it. It may pose serious health issues to those who have asthma and other respiratory complications. Chemical cleaning cleans all the dust and dirt that accumulates in the air conditioner and bids bad omen for everyone.

Increases the lifespan of your unit

Naturally, servicing the air conditioner is good for the life of the air conditioner. A good expert will analyse all the individual components of the air conditioner unit and repair minor issues too. If there is an issue that might become serious in later stages, it can be nipped in the bud.

Remove foul odours

If mould and mildew start to grow in the air conditioner unit, it starts to show the dirty socks syndrome where the unit exudes an obnoxious fetid smell. A chemical cleans-up of the unit will solve the issue of bad smell as it kills all the bacteria that is the root of the smell. It also prevents further bacterial growth.


Chemical treatment is a very effective way of dealing with your air conditioner issues and you should do regular clean-ups of the air conditioner unit for best performance.