All You Need To Know About Hinckley 38

If you are an enthusiastic sailor looking for information on the build, specifications, and design of different sailboats, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss all you need to know about Hinckley 38. Please read on to find out more about the boat to decide if it is the right one for your boating needs. 

The Hickley 38 is a classic yacht with incredible sailing ability. Equipped with a skeg-hung rudder and designed with the unparalleled build quality, Hinckley 38 is a joy to sail, allowing you to venture offshore with excitement and confidence. 


The Hinckley 38 was built for the first time in 1968 by Hughes Boat Works, and it was designed by Stephens and Sparkman as a cruiser-racer. The hulls of the design were built by Hughes Boat Works in Canada and then sent to Hinckley Yachts in Maine, Southwest Harbor, where the boat was finished by adding the deck. The production went on from 1968 to 1970, and around 28 boats were manufactured. 


The boat is a recreational fibreglass with wood trim keelboat. It is equipped with a masthead sloop rig, a raised counter, a raked stem, a reverse transom, a fixed, swept fin keel, and a skeg-mounted rudder operated by a wheel. It is capable of carrying 6,000 lb and displacing 13,920 lb of ballast. 

The Hinckley 38 has a traditional interior layout with sea berths and salon outboard, a large “L”-shaped galley, port and starboard, and a forward cabin. The boat’s draft is 5.67 feet with a standard keel. It has been equipped with an inboard engine for manoeuvring and docking. The hull speed of the design is 7.03 kn.

The design accommodates sleeping arrangements for six persons. There are two straight settees and the main cabin has two pilot berths, in addition to a double “V” in the bow cabine’s berth. The port side consists of the galley, just ahead of the companionway ladder. It is equipped with an ice box, a sink and a three-burner stove. Opposite to the galley on the starboard side, a navigation station can be located. 

The design may be equipped with a series of genoas or jibs for upward sailing or a symmetrical spinnaker for downward sailing. 

Inside the Hinckley 38 sailboat

The interior of the Hinckley 38 yacht has been designed very strategically. The following are the main components of the interior of the Hinckley 38 sailboat:

  • 38′ Hinckley Salon
  • 38′ Hinckley vessel walkthrough
  • 38′ Hinckley galley that is aft on both sides. It is equipped with an ice box, a stainless steel sink, and a Hillerange 3-burner cooktop and oven. It also has drawers and storage cabinets, shelves, and dry storage. 
  • 38′ Hinckley Dining: The dining space of the boat is at the cockpit table and the salon fold-down table. 

Boat Specifications

Following are the key specifications of the Hinckley 38:

Hull type Fin with rudder on skeg
LOA 11.43 m/ 37.50 feet
Type of rig Masthead Sloop
LWL 8.38 m/ 27.50 feet
Beam 3.20 m/ 10.50 feet
Max. draft 1.73 m/ 5.67 feet
Reported S.A. 5.41 m²
Ballast 2,722 kg/ 6,000 lb
Construction  FG
Built so far 28


Hinckley 38 is a beautiful, classic yacht that has retained its value due to its solid reputation, superior build, and a devoted owner base. We hope this blog helped you with all the information you wanted on the Hinckley 38 sailboat and helped you decide if it is the right one for your boating needs.