Beginner’s Guide to Semi-Permanent Makeup

Beauty. This word is so abstract, but every woman wants to become one. Besides having flawless skin and a healthy body, women want to have a pretty face. As a woman yourself, you probably want that to happen to you, too. To say, I woke up like this every single day. But this phrase is only possible to some women who received a blessing to have beautiful features. Most of the time, women spend an hour or more a day on their appearance only to look good.

But that time you spent on your appearance would only go to waste. Either once the makeup you applied fades or when you have to remove it at the end of the day so you would get acne or blemishes. Nevertheless, you have to do the same routine again the next day, and that is another hour you would waste spending on your day. 

That is why there is no doubt that semi-permanent makeup gets popular and demanding. Most women realise that they could save an hour or more of their day once they already have makeup on as soon as they wake up. 

Just imagine you getting out of your bed with perfectly filled-in brows, winged eyeliner, and lifted lashes that are already in place. Sounds too good to be true, right? But such things are possible to happen. All you need to do is get semi-permanent makeup once, and that is it. You can now wake an hour later before going to work. That is another hour of sleep.

If you want to know what it takes to get semi-permanent makeup, read on further, ladies!


How Does Semi-Permanent Makeup Works?

Each session of semi-permanent makeup starts with a quick cleansing of the eye area with a bactinecleanser. The expert will do this routine even if you go to their clinic with no makeup on. This step is crucial since it prevents skin infections from happening. Also, after that, they will provide you with eye drops. This one will help your eyes stay lubricated and comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, they will apply an anaesthetic cream and let it sit there for 45 minutes to make sure you will not be in pain later. 

Once the 45 minutes ends, that is when they will start the actual semi-permanent makeup procedure that you want to happen. Take a look at the listicles below and see what you can expect from each treatment. 

Eyebrow Shaping

Your brows can be the best or worse accessory of the face since they can make a big difference in the way you look. However, not everyone has bushy brows. Others have thinner eyebrows that often look like they barely have them. 

Fortunately, there is now a Korean eyebrow embroidery. It is a semi-permanent makeup that allows you to have sleek brows. What this procedure does is to fill the empty spot of your brows, making them look that you have natural hairlines in that area. After that, you should keep your brows dry for at least two days so the coloured pigment will stay.

TAKE NOTE: Your brows will look darker at first, but it becomes more natural as time passes. You could expect the results to last for 12 to 18 months long. 


Applying eyeliner can be challenging, especially for people with small eyes. Sometimes, instead of getting a winged eye, you end up looking like a panda with many smudges around your eyes. But once you get semi-permanent makeup, you no longer have to do this as part of your makeup routine. 

You will have a perfect winged eye that does not leave a red and blue shade when it fades over time. You only need to get a touch up after a year or two.

REMINDER: Once you wake up and notice your eyes get stuck together, use a wet Q-tip to separate it gently.

Lash Lift

Lashfullashes can make a person’s eyes look big. But wearing mascara alone cannot make that happen. You have to use an eyelash curler to lift every lash of the eyes. Though using an eyelash curler can be complicated. Some people end up damaging their lashes before they could even apply mascara.

To not let that happen to you, get a lash lift in Singapore. This procedure will not only lift the lashes but also add tiny pigments in the lashline. And that gives you thick, fluttery lashes and that highly defined your eyes.

NOTICE: Just like brows, you have to keep it dry for at least two days. The results will last for four to six weeks after the procedure. 


What Are the Frequently Asked Questions About Semi-Permanent Makeup?

There are a lot of women who are looking into semi-permanent makeup as an alternative for traditional makeup. However, there are still women who are unfamiliar with this kind of procedure. Most of them are clueless about how it works and whether it is worth getting one. 

Well, to ease their worries, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about semi-permanent makeup.


  • Does semi-permanent makeup last?

Even though it is not as permanent as a tattoo, it indeed lasts longer than your most trusted waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrows. 

Its turnaround time depends on what semi-permanent makeup you had done. When it comes to lash lift in Singapore, it only often lasts for four to six weeks until you need to undergo your next session.

Meanwhile, Korean eyebrow embroidery can last up to 12 to 18 months without needing to shape them every morning. With this, you can say goodbye to your eyebrow pencil and that less time doing your makeup routine.

  • Does it hurt to get one?

No pain, no gain. This phrase resonates well with semi-permanent makeup since you will experience a little bit of discomfort before achieving the result. But fret not since the professional will apply an anaesthetic cream to numb the pain.

Take note that if you are highly sensitive to needles, let the professional know so they could add more of the numbing agent.

  • Is semi-permanent makeup safe?

Similar to tattoos, it is safe, but there are things you need to watch out for. First is that the FDA does not manage many of the colour additives used in the pigments. That means there are times you might experience allergic reactions. That is why to avoid such risk, consult with the professional first and discuss the procedure you would want to get from them.

  • What is the recovery process like after getting semi-permanent makeup?

Like tattoos, semi-permanent makeup also requires tender loving care during the recovery process. After the procedure, expect to experience some swelling and redness. But fret not since these side effects would only last for 24 hours the most. You only need to keep it clean and make sure not to apply any makeup on it.  Doing so will help smoothen the healing process. 

  • How much does it cost?

Semi-permanent makeup prices vary depending on where you will get it, but they are seldom cheap. When getting a Korean eyebrow embroidery, the estimated cost you will have to spend is around S$599 to S$2,888. On the other hand, the cheapest procedure you can get is around S$50 to S$110, which is the cost of a lash lift per session in Singapore.

  • Is semi-permanent makeup best for you?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you think you are spending so much time doing your makeup routine every day, then you may find this to be a good option. Not only do you immediately look good in the morning, but you will have another hour of sleep before getting ready for work. 

  • Can I get semi-permanent makeup even if I have oily skin?

Unfortunately, those who have oily skin are not good candidates for semi-permanent makeup. The excess oil their skin produces may cause the pigment to spread out. As such, the result does not last on them. 

If you have more questions other than the points above, consider getting in touch with the professional of semi-permanent makeup. They can answer your inquiries better as long as you rely on your condition and what you want to happen. 

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How Should You Take Care of Yourself After Getting Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Whatever semi-permanent makeup you get, you will experience similar side effects after the procedure. These aftermaths are slight swelling, redness, and scrubbing. Do not worry. All of these will subside within 24 hours. Just make sure you follow the aftercare instructions below so you will be able to recover faster. 

Here are the things you need to do after getting semi-permanent makeup.



  • Use an Ice Pack to Ease the Swelling.

Even though applying an ice pack does not entirely prevent side effects, it helps ease the swelling. But make sure to let the ice pack sit there for five to ten minutes. You could do this at least once per hour. 

  • Never Ever Pick, Peel, or Scratch.

Doing so would only disturb the healing process and may cause the pigmented area to become uneven. Also, if you let your finger touch it without washing your hands, there is a high probability of infection.  That is why do not ever pick, peel, scratch, let alone touch the treated areas. 

  • Avoid Sun Exposure.

Until the treated areas get healed, do not go under the sun. It would prevent the healing process. That is why whenever you are going out, always bring something to protect you.

For example, if you got Korean eyebrow embroidery, wear large shades or a cap. That will keep you safe from the sun if you do not want to bring an umbrella with you. 

  • Keep the Treated Areas Dry.

You could do that by applying an ample amount of gentle cleanser to a cotton pad and clean your face. This method will help you prevent getting the treated areas wet. Just make sure not to use a cleanser product that contains alcohol, acids or strong chemicals since those could burn the treated areas.

  • Do Not Exercise for a While.

Even though exercising is healthy, it does not do good on the treated areas of semi-permanent makeup. 

Your sweats will only trigger the pigment to fade since it has not settled on the skin yet. That is why remember to work out after five to ten days. That allowance helps the coloured pigment to stay beneath the skin. 

  • Sleep On Clean Pillowcase.

If you often change your pillowcase every week, you should change it every day after getting semi-permanent makeup. Doing so would help the treated area heal faster and reduce the risk of infections. 

  • Try Not to Wear Makeup.

Since the treated areas are still in the healing process, wearing makeup will only get in the way. Also, it will cause a nasty infection if the makeup touches the recently pigmented part. That is why you should not wear any makeup yet until the treated areas get fully healed.

By following all of these, you will be able to maximise the results of your semi-permanent makeup. That is why do not forget to miss a thing from this list, so you will not encounter any problems later.


So, Should You Get a Semi-Permanent Makeup or Not?

The answer depends on you about what you want to happen. That is why you should take your time and think about this question more. But if you think you should get semi-permanent makeup right now, do not just do it yet. Get an in-depth consultation first with the professional. That is the key, so you would not have any regret about your decision later on. After all, semi-permanent makeup can transform not only your face but also your life.

Moreover, to not become one of the ladies with a semi-permanent makeup horror story, make sure you get yours done at a reliable clinic. Only go for trusted experts like Dreamlashin Singapore. They will take good care of you even after the semi-permanent makeup procedure ends.