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Drumming your fingers on the table is something people do more often when they feel bored. I think I have a plan to reduce your boredom within seconds. Well, it is quite good to turn your boredom into something interesting. Okay, let me provide you some information about this funny little game. ‘Fast like a Fox’ is a very interesting video game application where you can tap the back of your phone to control this speed, little fox. It is swift, cartoonish, and quite funny. I know that you’ll fell in love with this bit of fox for sure. You can also tap your mobile screen to control this fox but tapping the back of the phone is relatively better than that.

All you got to do is to play the role of this little fox and ride on the quest helping him to find the stolen treasures. Both hands will be suitable to speed up the fox and to make him jump when there are any obstacles to be passed. You have to race against the clock, and here, the timing is everything.

Turning at the fastest time, collecting the coins, and collecting jewels are the main three goals you have to complete in each level. However, the plans do not 

frequently work, so you better keep your eyes on the fox than keeping hopes on the goals. You can replay the levels if you could not complete them. You can pay $1 and subscribe to the video game application’s pro version if you feel the periodic ads are bothersome. 

This fantastic video game plays Fast as a Fox supports any device platform like Android, IOS, Mac, or Windows. So there will be no doubt in playing the game play on your mobile phone or your laptop. It has been a Google Play Awards nominated app in 2016 and a very safe application since it is a verified application in Google Play Protect. The app was offered by Way Before Ltd. and has been released on the 28th of October 2015.

You can play this game on Android TV boxes too. You can easily download this app for phones using play store or AC Market. This game also available for Android TV boxes via play store TV. If your TV BOX does not have play store you can use Filelinked.

Fast like a Fox Game

Fast like a Fox introduces you to an innovative tapping control that is hard to master and quite easy to play.

Collect coins, collect jewels and unlock functions and new stuff.

Will be provided adventurous sites, challenging worlds where you can observe them while racing in the game.

Besides, this funny game provides you upbeat soundtracks that suit perfectly the gameplay.

Geometry and vector-based graphics play the main role here since it makes the user interested in the game play and makes them continue it for hours. (Inspired by Retro Console Games)

With its latest update, the game play has become new because there won’t be annoying ads popping up anymore. You will be able to play the game without unnecessary botherations.

You can now play Fast like a Fox on Android TV since it now also supports Android TV. If this game lag and stuck on your device, you can try using game boosters like Clean Master or NOX Cleaner.


I hope you guys enjoyed the description above and got to know what Fast like a Fox is. All you got to do now is click the install button down below the application and start playing with this funny little fox.