Beware The 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

People often cause car accidents by failing to act moderately. Once people fail to act reasonably and breach an obligation of care to others, they may be acting negligently. Auto accidents caused by negligence often end in serious physical and emotional injuries. In the year 2015 over 2016, the number of reported road traffic accidents increased by 2 percent. Though this increase does not appear astronomical, the figures seem huge when considered in terms of people killed or seriously injured. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 24,610 died in auto accidents in one year, with an additional 187,050 casualties of all severities.

Personal injury attorneys see plenty of car accident cases. After all, almost all adults drive every day. And although we do it so routinely, it is still a hazardous activity. If you think about it, driving needs the right quantity of talent and skills mixed with an extreme level of trust for the people around you. People drive around in multi-thousand-pound vehicles, at high speeds, right alongside similar or even larger vehicles going at high speeds. It is no wonder that once someone is negligent or makes a significant mistake, the results can be catastrophic.

  1. Distracted Driving

If you have not already done so, do yourself a favor and find a Bluetooth earphone for your cell phone. Though the different causes of accidents with injuries are listed in no specific order, distracted driving holds the lead in no uncertain terms. If you have been injured because of a distracted driver, the first thing to do is hire an experienced car accident attorney who will get you the compensation you deserve. With such a variety of hands-free apps and devices, there is no reason for such negligence. Read more about that from this site:

  1. Traffic Volume

Getting back to the sheer volume of traffic, it stands to reason that this could be a big reason for accidents, particularly in the rush hour. Not only can you be gridlocked in traffic on the interstate, but you may feel your frustration rise. Too many drivers become impatient waiting for traffic to start moving, and this can be when heat and rage take over. When drivers form their own “passing laws,” they may do so with serious consequences.

This can be yet when an attorney would be handy. Any driver who cannot manage their emotions behind the wheel ought to get off the road.

  1. Intoxication

In a state with legal medical and recreational marijuana, you would assume that pot could be a leading explanation for driving under the influence in California. But alcohol still takes the lead and, sadly, it is the leading explanation for traffic fatalities among teenagers.

  1. Dangerous Lane Changes

Here again, traffic jams and impatience may lead drivers to do hazardous lane changes. Have you ever ever been at a standstill on the 5 when all of a sudden a vehicle swerves out from behind you into a lane not meant for traffic? It may well be the shoulder on either side of the road. However, those nonlegal lane changes are sometimes the cause of severe accidents on the road.

  1. Speeding And Drunk Driving

Speeding is additionally a big explanation for accidents with injuries; however, sometimes, it is accompanied by other offenses, such as drinking, at the same time. Speeding, along with tailgating and dangerous lane changes associated with distracted driving, will increase the chances of an accident.

An individual who drives drunk places other drivers in danger of injury. Intoxicated people do not have full control of their thinking and motor skills. Thus, drunken drivers run the threat of being unable to remain in lanes, accurately judge their speed, and react in time and accurately to potential obstacles and hazards on the road. This may end in accidents that cause serious injury or death.

If you or your loved one has been injured due to the carelessness of another driver, know that you do have recourse. Hire an attorney at your earliest convenience before you speak to anyone. Watch out what you tell officers at the scene and continually check to let your attorney do the talking when anyone, including insurance adjusters, contacts you. You deserve to be compensated, therefore allow your lawyer to get the settlement you deserve.