Choose Casein Proteins To Prevent Muscle Loss and Enhance Results

While most fitness enthusiasts are aware of whey protein supplements as a reliable source of nourishment, there is another type of milk protein that is known as casein protein. Better understanding of this nutrient has made it a staple in the supplementation program of every athlete and body builder looking for faster and more visible gains.

Difference Between Casein and Whey

If you are wondering which the best protein supplement for you is, it is necessary to understand that casein and whey have their own benefits. Understanding the basic differences between the two will help you choose them in the right proportion to enhance results.

Both casein and whey are derived from whey and are a high quality protein source. The primary difference lies in the time taken to process them. While whey proteins are absorbed by the body faster, they are vital for building muscle as you will get an instant source of protein.

Casein on the other hand, is a slow digesting protein that gives the muscles a sustained supply of nutrients. The advantage of this is that it helps you retain your muscle volume by preventing any chances of muscle loss. With the inclusion of casein protein in your diet, your muscles will have a source of protein even when you have a long gap in between your meals. They ensure that the structural proteins in the muscles are not used up, leading to breakdown and muscle loss.

Benefits of Casein Protein

The several advantages of using Casein Proteins are as follows:

  • It prevents catabolic muscle loss: Casein is a time release protein that makes amino acids constantly available for the muscles. That way, the structural amino acids and the proteins are not consumed preventing catabolic muscle loss.
  • It helps improve muscle growth: Casein is one of the best sources of leucine which is a type of Branched Chain Amino Acid that is abundant in the muscles. This helps improve the rate at which your muscles develop.
  • Faster fat loss: The body requires a lot more energy to process and assimilate casein protein. This leads to effective fat loss as the stored reserves of fat are converted to produce the additional amount of energy.
  • Anti-oxidizing properties: Casein also has certain peptides that are very beneficial in neutralizing free radicals. This gives you several health benefits like better immunity.

When to Take Casein Protein

Casein is the best protein supplementto consume at bed time. This makes up for the average time of 8 hours of no nourishment for the body. Casein releases amino acids while you sleep to ensure that there is no catabolic muscle loss. You can also add one serving in between meals if the gap is very long.

Where to Buy

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