Comparison between Hybrid and Vinyl Flooring


In order to compare the hybrid flooring and vinyl flooring let us first try to understand each of them individually. You can take the help of 689 Pty Ltd for your flooring installation for both these types of flooring materials.

What is vinyl flooring?

You will find any vinyl flooring quite resilient because it will always bounce back whenever you will step on them rather than breaking or buckling that you can generally see in either concrete or any ceramic tiles.

Because of its synthetic nature, besides being durable you will find vinyl flooring in several patterns, colours, and textured finishes. You can find mimics of many other materials like tiles or wooden floors. Unlike wooden floors, no great expertise will be needed for installing these floors. Undoubtedly, the following features make vinyl flooring one of the most cost-effective choices for HDB and Condo homes in Singapore.

What is Hybrid Flooring?

This type of flooring will be made with a combination of vinyl and wood. Typically the top layer will be made with certain real wood to offer the aesthetic and design of a certain engineered floor and the natural beauty of any real wood will not be sacrificed. 

There can be underlayment by using certain foam or rubber, based on your needs. Any flooring company will try to sell you this type of flooring by telling you that its quality is somewhat like solid timber flooring and available at a lower cost.

Difference between hybrid and vinyl flooring

Although both of them may appear to be similar, however, there are a few differences as follows:

  1. Hybrid floor will have a real wood topping that may have a natural wooden look while vinyl floors will just mimic real wood and may not look that much authentic.
  2. Hybrid flooring will be nailed during the installation while vinyl flooring will be glued on the floor.
  3. Vinyl flooring materials can be cut in order to fit them in any corner however, that may not be possible with hybrid flooring materials.
  4. You will get a much longer warranty for hybrid flooring as compared to vinyl flooring.
  5. There will be considerable cost differences between these two and vinyl flooring will be available at a much cheaper price.  
  6. Maintenance cost of vinyl flooring will be much less comparatively.
  7. Both may have different sets of pros and cons.
  8. For more beauty you may prefer hybrid flooring however, if you are looking for a pet-friendly flooring option then vinyl will be a better option.  
  9. Comparatively vinyl flooring will be a much easier option and also may go for a DIY option.

Vinyl flooring can be available in any design and shape however, the hybrid floor will be available in wooden shapes only and you can also go for floor sanding and polishing if needed.

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