Deploy an efficient edge over the trades 

It is not easy for a rookie trader to manage a decent profit margin. When you will start in Forex, you will understand the problem with currency trading. The main reason behind an inefficient trading business is a poor trading edge. As many rookie traders do not have appropriate trading knowledge and cannot execute quality trades, they lose money in the business. Thinking about profit margins is one of the main reasons an immature behavior of the traders. If you want to avoid the same experience in your business, develop a strong edge. It must have the ability to handle the trades efficiently. Using efficient money management and trading plans, you need to execute a trade in the market. At the same time, you will also need to improve your trading edge for a secured trading environment. Then, you can gain profits with low potential losses from the trades.

So, focus on the development of your trading edge. Then, implement it in the trading business to improve your performance. Always remain consistent with your trading plans. Otherwise, a poorly positioned trade will have a high potential loss. You will also miss the chance of executing a winnable trade.

Secure the trading money from losses

The first strategy the new traders in Hong Kong need is related to money management. To secure your trading business, there is no other way than managing a decent risk management plan. You must have control over the risk exposure. It also needs to be consistent for every trade. Therefore, you need to develop a plan which will helps you to filter the best trade setup in the trading platform. For example, first, you need to decide on the investment process for the trades. With a decent risk per trade strategy, invest in the trades. Then, use decent leverage to increase the lot size.

With a 2% risk per trade, you can always ensure a secured trading business. In the case of margin trading, the leverage should be nothing more than 1:10. This way, you can always execute a decently sized trade in the market. Therefore, your trading mind will be relaxed and free of tension.

Develop the market analysis skills

Aside from a secure investment process, a trader also needs to improve the positioning system. This procedure may be the same in many trading articles but you cannot deny the importance of it. To secure the trades in the markets, every trader must develop a solid market analysis plan. And for that, you must learn appropriate strategies to study market conditions. You also need to predict the monochromatic changes in the markets. Therefore, fundamental and technical analysis is needed for the trades. On the other hand, technical analysis can also help you find appropriate positions for the trades. Most importantly, you can set the stop-loss and take-profit for the trades to secure the investment.

So, to control the condition of the trades, every trader must understand market volatility. To secure the trading business from potential losses that are too big, every trader needs to develop solid market analysis skills.

Use appropriate positions for the trades

Aside from the market analysis, every trader must secure the positions of the trades. This is where the stop-loss and take-profit is needed for the trades. To secure your investment in the trading business, it is very important to utilize market analysis. You will need appropriate pivot points to set the stop-loss and take-profit. Most importantly, you need to understand a suitable price movement for the trades. When you are secure with fixed entry and exit points, you can always manage a decent trading performance.

This procedure of securing your trades should be in a journal with other strategies. Thus, you will be consistent and disciplined with the trading business. You will have a good chance of managing profits from the trades. Most importantly, you will have very low potential losses due to trading only at  a suitable market condition.