Do You Want to Eradicate Carpet Beetles? Here are Few Tips

In our natural world, there is a multitude of beetles and most of which have got one thing in common and that is – all of them just love to eat our stuff. As an example, wood-boring beetles can easily munch a good tree, any leaf-eating beetles will prefer to eat away our plants, etc.

Do you know about carpet beetles? They eat almost everything and hence these carpet beetles are very destructive, especially if they can manage to get into your home. These carpet beetles will love to munch on organic fibers and if they are left untreated then they will not only cause damage to the carpet, but also damage everything in the surrounding.

That may include your clothing, furnishing, upholstery, and also all your other outside things. So, then what should you do?

Australian carpet beetle

These beetles usually measure up to three millimeters long that is distantly related to many different types of moths and carpet beetles. In the outdoor areas, these beetle larvae will try to seek out certain warm places and packed with animal proteins such as birds’ nests, feathers, skins, a sting on hair, until they become adults.

Even any single carpet beetle larvae are able to damage irreversibly any natural carpets or your wool rugs if they get enough time, however, they will reject synthetic materials.

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How to get rid of carpet beetles?

1.     Identify the signs

As a first step, you must try to confirm signs that there is really a carpet beetle infestation. By noticing holes in your fabric or clothing you can identify their infestation. Usually, carpet beetles will not remain within the carpet but also move to your drawers and closets, storage boxes, and attics as well.

2.     Suck them up

After you have confirmed their infestation then the quickest method to eradicate them will be to just vacuum clean them before the beetles start scuttling around your drawer, or inside the closet where you may instead find tiny caterpillar-type creatures.

All these carpet beetle larvae can eventually turn into carpet beetles very soon. So, you must ensure that you get rid of them too.

3.     The eggs

After vacuuming, you may think that you have eradicated the problem, but there are chances that still there is something present or the eggs themselves. These carpet beetle eggs can be incredibly resilient and are very difficult to spot with your naked eye.

One of the best ways to eradicate them would be to contact any carpet and upholstery cleaners and also offer everything to provide a very good wash. Irrespective of whether it is all your clothes, fabric, or even your carpet, they all will need a very thorough cleaning to make sure that no more eggs will remain there.

You will find plenty of professional services available for removal of these carpet beetles.