Here’s Why You Should Switch To Wall Mounted Electric Fires

If you haven’t considered installing a wall mounted electric fire as part of your home improvement, then you are definitely missing out. These wall mounted electric fires are hot right now and here’s why!

Benefits of Choosing Wall Mounted Electric Fires

Easy installation for a wall mounted electric fire

A common misconception about wall mounted electric fires is that they’re hard to install. This is false. You do not need a property that has a chimney for this to work. It’s very lightweight and installing it is quite similar to mounting a wall TV.

Low maintenance than traditional fireplaces

As compared to traditional fireplaces, you do not need to clean up after a wall mounted electric fire; you do not need wood; there’s no smoke or fumes; they’re remote-controlled.

Doesn’t require too much space

If you are worried that you wouldn’t have enough space to install an electric fireplace, think again. There are so many options to choose from in today’s market that it’s impossible to not find something that will fit your living room. Unlike a traditional fireplace, an electric one only requires a blank wall.

Realistic flames and very stylish

Electric fireplaces provide you with very realistic flames. You can choose from a variety of choices, depending on your mood and the ambiance that you want to set.


Electric fireplaces can be plugged into your standard household outlets. You do not need to re-wire anything nor do you need a professional to install it for you.

Good for the environment

Let’s talk about how electric fireplaces are also good for the environment. No need to refuel or use matches for this one; therefore, no smoke! These electrical fires produce 90% less carbon dioxide than your vent gas fireplace.

No fumes or smoke

We’ve been mentioning how electric fireplaces are easy to maintain because it doesn’t produce any smoke or fume. You don’t need to clean the chimney, too!

Safer than traditional fireplaces

Last but definitely not the least, electric fires are safer! Most parents are worried about getting an actual fireplace because kids might burn themselves – not with an electric fire. They’re cool to touch but still serve its purpose of setting a cozy ambiance.

In fact, there are brands out there that offer wall mounted fireplaces that have a powerful fan-forced heater so that it is capable of actually heating a room. You are also given the option of turning off the heater and simply enjoying the flames!

Choosing the right brand

Shopping for an electric fireplace can be daunting because there’s just so many to choose from. To help you narrow down the list, start with why you need an electrical fireplace. How much space do you have for its installation? Do you have children at home? These are some of the questions to take into account.

The answer to “which brand of an electric fireplace is the best?” Is always subjective. Our advice is to opt for newer models because they incorporate more modern technology into their products.