How To Become A Pet Sitter

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The figure of the dog sitter or pet sitter is a very present figure in many countries and, little by little, it is taking hold in our country, and it is that a member of our family such as the dog we do not like to leave him for a long time depends on which places: kindergartens, kennels, and is that with a dog sitter the difference in treatment is abysmal.

Just in light of the fact that the Teacup Poodle is definitely not a renowned shedder, doesn’t mean brushing should be excused.

In any residence or kindergarten, the dog is not treated with as much care, and pampering as a canine handler can do, therefore, dog owners increasingly seek this figure so that it can take care of the animal in short periods of time: during on vacation, during a business trip, during hospital stays, or even for a few hours, so if you are unemployed and looking for a job that you love or want to earn extra income, do not hesitate to try your luck as a dog sitter.

Requirements To Be A Dog Sitter

Love the dogs and abide by the care that the owner derives from you: brushing, medications if needed, hours of physical exercise, meal times, sleeping hours, etc.

Be Of Age

Have availability for their care (you can not exercise as a caretaker if you do not have time for the animal). Think that people looking for a pet sitting hertfordshire want a person who treats him exclusively, takes him out for a walk, pampers and cares for him as if he were his own, etc.

Have space to take care of it. I do not mean that you have a huge house, but rather that you have space to place your bed, your resting cushion, your bowl and drinker, etc.

You should keep in mind that being a dog sitter can mean two things: that you work as a daycare center taking care of a dog for a period of time only during the day while, for example, their owners work, or, as a residence when having the dog at your expense day and night during the days that their owners are missing.