How to shop perfectly for your Frenchie pooch?

Most of the owners are against the concept of buying clothes for their pets. But this logic won’t apply for the Frenchie dog owners. This is because most of the dog breeds have thick coat of fur unlike French bulldogs. Buying clothes is a must for French Bulldogs because they only have a single fur coating. An extra protection is needed to save them from harsh weather conditions. Also, they have a unique body structure with short back legs. Therefore, it is essential to buy the right clothes and footwear for your dog.

Things to look for when buying clothes for your dog

One has to keep in mind that frenchie clothes are not readily available. In other words, the clothes have to be customized as per the measurement or it won’t fit perfectly. Choosing the right clothes becomes a problem especially of its square shaped head and narrow hip. To buy the best Fawn Frenchie dog pajamas or shirts or hoodies, you should rightly measure the head, hip, chest, shoulder and belly. Also, make sure that the clothes you purchase are made up of good quality fabrics so that your dog feels absolutely cozy and relaxed. Anyway dogs are not habituated with this and therefore, you need to introduce clothes to your pup right from the beginning. Avoid buying anything that covers up the dog’s head, legs and rear ends. Opt for stretchy fabrics to facilitate flexible movements.

There are lots of frenchies stores where you can find jackets and raincoats for your dog. Just like summer and winter, you also need to take protection during rainy season as well. You can buy waterproof jackets and hoodies for your dog.

How to choose the right footwear?

There are lots of benefits of buying clothes and footwear for your frenchie pup. You need to take care of the paws especially during the winters. They have sensitive paws and are excessively prone to injuries during winters because of ice and snow. The tender skin can also get damaged due to harmful chemicals. Therefore, a weatherproof bootie is a must for your little furry kid.

Why should you buy high quality products for your dog?

Buying high quality materials of French bulldog pajamas, clothes and footwear is extremely important to provide ease and comfort. High quality products also means that the longevity is more and it will stay inside the wardrobe for a longer time.