How To Spot Real Crystal Chandeliers From Glass Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are the signs of elegance in households. Their effulgent light shimmers down the corners of the house and ooze cascading serenity. Chandeliers appear like a constellation of stars suspended from the ceiling or the frozen raindrops shining through the sunlight and refracting rays of bright light in your home.

There are many different types of chandeliers available in the market. Chandeliers differ in their shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and even in their constituting material. Chandeliers can be made of crystals and glass. However, it is always preferred to buy chandeliers made of crystals because of the many benefits allied with the crystal chandeliers.

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Crystal vs glass chandeliers 

As stated earlier, the fundamental difference between crystal and glass chandeliers is their material composition. The definition of the crystal varies geographically too. In the USA, glass with more than one per cent of lead is considered to be a crystal however, in Europe, glass can be called a crystal only if it exceeds 10% of lead.

If you notice some paint residue at the base or the tip of the crystal then it is fake. Likewise, if bubbles appear in the crystal, then it is fake. Real crystals are next to perfect, but are not perfect.

There are many ways to differentiate glass from a chandelier. When you place the glass in front of a light source, if the light coming out of the glass is of rainbow pattern, then it is a chandelier and it is not, it is a glass. Besides that, the sound of crystal is different from that of glass. When you tap on a crystal, it makes a musical sound and glass don’t.

Why are crystals expensive?

A good quality crystal consists of 26% lead dioxide. This helps in refracting the light more. This, in turn, gives a more sparkling effect to the crystals when compared with other materials. Even though glass too is expensive, there is a lot of cutting, grinding and polishing required to make a crystal.


Even though glass is stronger than crystals, they do not have the aesthetic value of crystals. That is why crystals are used in making antique and expensive items and glass is used to make daily use items like glass utensils. The high content of lead gives crystals a sweet ring to them whenever hit. This is also the reason for crystals being heavier than glass.

Chandeliers upscale the looks and feel of every ceiling they are hung from. If you are looking for the best way to improve the feel of your home, then it is best to get your home a crystal chandelier.