How to Use Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation?

Ageing, as we all know, is a natural process that everyone has to undergo, but that doesn’t mean that is an easy change to witness and be subjected to. With age you will witness a change in the quality of your skin how the firmness tends to diminish, which tends to create a drooping effect of the facial muscles. All this happens due to the fat deposits of your face breaking down, which leaves hollow spaces for the skin to start sagging. Thankfully cosmetic treatments today are capable of dealing with all these changes and so much more. With help of facial rejuvenation fillers, you can slow down the ravages of time to a great extent, which not only helps in making your skin plumper and youthful, with much lesser lines, it can also help give your face a much more youthful countenance and also address any sort of medical issues as well.

Just like cosmetic dentistry procedures done by a dentist in West Hampstead, there are enough cosmetic surgeons who can help you address any sort of cosmetic issues that you might be dealing with. Aesthetic treatments today aim at holding on to your youthful appearance be it lip fillers to give your lips that plumper look, to dermal fillers that can help in getting rid of the fine lines, gone are the days when you would have to go for face lifts which were invasive and come back looking like an artificial two-dimensioned version of yourself. facial rejuvenation fillers that are non-surgical in nature can help in saving your skin from the deflation of fat tissue that is the primary cause of needing fillers in the first place.

Now coming to understanding the layers of skin which will help you understand what kind of dermal fillers would be most appropriate for you and hence you should go for. Our skin is basically comprised of 3 layers, which is the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous fat, which occur in the same order with epidermis being the barrier, the dermis being the storage of collagen (the famous component that we hear so much about, and we know is vital for youthful glowing skin!) and the subcutaneous fat is where as the name suggests is the storage of cushion-like fat, that gives the skin more volume.

Now when it comes to choosing the right kind of facial rejuvenation fillers, the first thing to be determined is where the fillers will be inserted – be it the forehead, the naso-labial folds, cheeks, lips, etc. The choice of place is actually what it boils down to. Once that has been decided it boils down to what kind of fillers will be used. One of the most popular options for facial rejuvenation fillers today is Hyaluronic Acid – which is naturally found in the skin as well, which plays a vital role in opting for the compound since its natural presence means that you don’t have to worry about conducting a skin allergy test, and not worry about adverse reactions.

Since it has the ability to be able to hold together almost a thousand times its volume in water it becomes one of the best substances to inflate your skin to its former plumpness. Hyaluronic Acid is hydrophilic in nature, what does that mean you ask? This means that it will attract water towards itself once injected into your skin and then hold it within the spaces between the cells to give it a fuller appearance. One of the ongoing theories is that as we age we tend to lose this compound in our skin, this ends us dehydrating the tissues as well, which means the cells start shrivelling creating unnecessary extra-cellular space. The use of the compound is so popular these days that even lip fillers are choosing the same compound to give your lips a fuller appearance.

Thus opting in for chemical treatments instead of invasive surgical ones is so much better today with much lesser downtime and almost nil recovery period and instant results. One of the best things about using hyaluronic acid-based facial rejuvenation fillers is that even as the filler fades, the volume remains almost the same which means that you will not suddenly see a drastic unseemly change even if your fillers fade.