Is It Safe To Leave Your Outdoor Christmas Lights On Overnight?

Dressing up your home for Christmas is one of the most essential and exciting holiday traditions. Having Christmas lights installed in your yard does only elevate the look of your home — it helps spread and sustain the spirit of the season, especially during these troublesome times.

Regarding this matter, one of the most frequently asked questions is, is it safe to leave outdoor holiday lights on overnight? Read on to find out.

The Best Practice

If you ask a Christmas light installer, it’s always best to unplug anything you are not using — especially if you’re leaving home or are already going to bed.

First off, doing so will help prevent the risk of a fire accident, which can leave a portion or worse, your whole property damaged. Additionally, doing so will lessen your electric bill — which can be beneficial during this season where you’re spending your money on many more expense items (like buying and giving gifts).

If you plan to leave your lights on, here’s what you need to consider:

Install holiday lights fit for outdoor use. Not all holiday lights are created equal. Before you get your Christmas lights installed in your yard, make sure they were designed for outdoor use. These lights are more durable and resistant to harsh weather elements.

Make sure you’re not overusing your electrical outlets. Before plugging your lights, guarantee that your outlet can handle the power needs of each light strand. Overloading power limits can lead to fire accidents.

Invest in a holiday light installation with an automatic timer. To resolve the “I forgot to unplug my holiday lights” issues, it’s safer to invest in a Christmas light timer. With this feature, your Christmas lights can be periodically turned off at night. This will also help lessen your energy use.

Work with a professional Christmas light installer. To further ensure safety, you can tap a holiday light installation expert. They have the experience and the tools that can make your home bright and safe during the holiday season.

Other Safety Tips

If you want to have Christmas lights installed in your home — whether it’s inside or outside — it is your responsibility to make sure they don’t become a safety hazard.

Here are some more tips to help celebrate a safe, stress-free holiday season:

Carefully check each strand of lights. If there are frayed ends or cracked cords, you have to replace or fix them immediately.

If the lights you will use are too old or have long been used, it’s safer to opt for newer and safer lights to minimize the risk of having a short circuit.

For outdoor lights, you can reduce the risk of shocks by plugging it into a special outlet called ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. This will prevent water, debris and other elements from getting into the sockets.

Be careful about the extension cords you’re using — they can overheat, too, because of excessive use. Unplug them whenever or before they get hot.

Speaking of extension cords, also make sure that they’re properly uncoiled to avoid premature wear and tear. Avoid placing them near heat sources or under rugs or through windows.