Is visiting a strip club anti-feminist?

A lot of women like going to strip clubs. It is hard for people with influence or celebrities are caught at strip clubs. It’ not the morality police that have a problem, but fellow women, more pointedly, feminists who have a problem with women baring all on stage to please women. To these people, it doesn’t matter that a lot of strippers Melbourne choose to strip instead of being cashiers at the local grocery store or answering calls at a data center. Pop star, Dua Lipa was criticized for celebrating her Grammy win at a strip club. Why can’t women go to a strip club for some fun? Does that make them bad feminists? Why aren’t men criticised for visiting strip clubs when they do? 

The cancel culture we currently live in is unfair. There are definite double standards. It is applied differently to women. 

It is not like women are strangers to gentlemen’s clubs. Just do a simple internet search and your search will return a number of sites advertising packaging and entertainment for bachelorette parties. The success of Magic Mike had little to do with the story that individual characters had but the dancing to please aspect appealed to a lot of women. Women don’t just go to male revues, not because they don’t want to but because there are few of them around and so they go to female strip clubs. Partying at a strip club is appealing because it is one place where women can party without judgement or inhibitions. They can twerk along and can enjoy seeing men lose their wits because of naked women. 

Dua Lipa provoked a0 reaction because stripping or any kind of work that involves adult entertainment has a double edge. The industry can be both empowering and exploitative. You can make a lot of money but you can only do that for a short period. Those that benefit the most are the ones who use stripping as a stepping stone to bigger and greater things. It’s not a career but rather a leg up to something better. 

Stripping has paved the way for some women’s PhDs, other women went on to do better things in the entertainment industry whilst others turned into entrepreneurs. This dispels the notion that strippers need to be rescued. There is a structural imbalance and the reinforcement of patriarchy, women are always objectified. However, in a club where there are lots of female punters the imbalance is less obvious. There are naked women and fully-clothed women too, instead of naked women surrounded by fully-clothed men only. 

For women who have never been to a strip club before, there might be some discomfort at having naked, flirtatious women around. This is where alcohol comes in and why it might be helpful to hit the trip clubs with friends or even with your husband or boyfriend. 

Is it anti-feminist for women to go to a strip club? The strippers don’t mind. To them, anyone who walks into the strip club for some entertainment is a customer who should get the fun he or she came for. Politics have no place in a strip club. If you want to support strippers Melbourne, tip them a lot and just have fun.