Keep Your Commercial Space Looking Great Even In The Hottest Months

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Creating a commercial space whether it be offices, retail or other means it must be attractive to both tenants and customers. This can be more challenging with the exterior of the building. If you live in a hot tropical or desert climate, you’ll want to consider commercial landscaping some important things.

Your Exterior:

The exterior of your commercial space is your front-line. This is the most important spot because it tells the visitor and potential tenants volumes. It is the deciding factor in whether they’ll proceed doing business or renting with you.

There are a few important steps to take to make certain you make the best impression.

These tips can help in any extreme climates because whether hot or cold, the same damage exists.


Your building’s exterior maintenance is important. Having paint fade over time with scorching sun or snow and ice can create a look old and outdated. What’s the sense in having an updated interior if you can’t get them through the front door?


You don’t have to spend the bank on English topiary or swan-shaped hedges, but you will want to have a clean and welcoming landscape. Hiring a commercial lawn care maintenance company is the answer.

There are many available in your area in Google, so you’re a call away from solving this challenge. There are a few things to remember before you begin. Always check their reviews and make sure they work in commercial landscaping and lawn services. Most commercial lawn care maintenance companies are equipped with the tools needed to cover a large area.

Ask a question. For example, do they trim trees and remove dead debris? This is important.All commercial lawn care maintenance companies should be able to cut a lawn for hot weather.

What does that mean? It means they will show up and cut it , fertilize it and seed it as necessary to keep it from turning brown from the sun, or yellow from nitrogen starvation. Did you know that there are bugs in hot climates that will turn a well-kept lawn brown from underneath? You won’t know until you notice it and it will cost more to eradicate them than to prevent them.


This is a well-known word in the gardening world, but not so much in the common areas of society. Most people are not familiar with this industry jargon yet, it is very important. In each climate there are plants and trees that are best for your local area. If plants and trees and mis-planted, then they can defend themselves and send out poison to other plants and trees. Disease may also occur and believe us when we say that this is an expensive endeavor to rectify.

Why should you raise concern? When these natural phenomena happen, they will create an ugly landscape despite the beautiful arrangement you have created. It is a disappointment when the commercial space owner has their chosen look destroyed.

These are little-known tips, but they are important. The first impression in all seasons is the make or break of your business. Everything from the internet street-view to images people take of your business and post to those who park in your lot and approach the building. A little now means a lot later.

Planning out your landscaping or for an existing landscape, a free check and estimate from companies that know what they are looking at is the most valuable move you will make.