Know Your Orthopaedic Clinic in Singapore: A Guide

When we talk about an orthopaedic clinic in Singapore, what comes to mind first is athletes and their injury rehabilitation. Although it is true that orthopaedics concern itself with musculoskeletal impairment, a sports injury is just one of the many conditions being treated by orthopaedic doctors. Hence, we opted to make an article that will discuss the field of orthopaedics, what is it about, its treatments, and how you should find one for your own treatment.

About Orthopaedics


Orthopaedics is a clinical speciality that focuses on the diagnosis, rectification, prevention, and treatment of skeletal abnormalities, which include problems of the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and other musculoskeletal concerns. Thus, the field of orthopaedics deals with the ailments of our bodies’ muscular and skeletal systems.

The musculoskeletal system (combination of the two systems mentioned above) of your body is a complex network of bones, ligaments, cartilages, tendons, muscles, and nerves that enables your day by day movement like walking, running, lifting things, dancing, and other works that require motion. Orthopaedics, which was once devoted to the treatment of patients with spine and limb deformities, treats patients of all ages, from infants to young athletes to the elderly.

Common Conditions Being Addressed by Orthopaedics


Some orthopaedic disorders can be cured, while others cannot. However, treatments to alleviate pain and improve the patient’s condition are available for incurable ones. Even in progressive disorders without a cure, getting a good diagnosis and appropriate therapy can help reduce difficulties down the line.

There are two major categories of the conditions being treated by an orthopaedic doctor, the first being chronic illness or deformities while the other one is injury-related conditions. Arthritis and tendonitis are chronic orthopaedic disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system, most often the bones, joints and tendons. They can cause pain and malfunction, making it difficult to perform even basic everyday tasks. These are not the same as orthopaedic injuries, such as a shoulder dislocation or a bone fracture, which are generally caused by an accident. Chronic conditions, unlike traumatic orthopaedic injuries, tend to be degenerative in most cases, beginning slowly and gradually worsening or changing over time. They could be hereditary or age-related, or they could be the result of excessive use.


Arthritis is a type of arthritis that causes pain, joint degeneration, and loss of joint function. There are several types of arthritis diagnosed in different parts of the world and contrary to the popular belief, arthritis is not a condition that solely affects the elderly. In fact, many young people around the world are being diagnosed with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis every year.


Bursitis is a condition in which a bursa becomes inflamed and irritated. Bursae are sacs filled with fluid that serves as a cushion for joints where the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are connected to allow mobility.

Muscular atrophy

Muscle atrophy is a condition in which muscle tissue is lost, resulting in weakness and difficulties moving. It can be caused by a lack of use, such as being bedridden, or by nerve injury that controls muscular action.


A common problem experienced by starting athletes and children, tendonitis is a painful sensation often felt around the knees and legs. Tendinitis is a condition in which a tendon becomes inflamed and irritated. It’s an overuse injury caused by repeated actions or forces.


A bunion is a bone condition wherein the bones at the side of the foot near the toe or the little finger are dislocated in such a way that they point outward. As bunion tend to hurt and cause discomfort in the long run, bunion surgery is necessary.

Fractures, ACL Injury, and Other Sports Injuries

When we overworked our bodies, certain conditions develop. Although a common condition for athletes, fractures, sprains, strains, ACL injury, and knee degenerations can also affect normal people who are practising a poor lifestyle and are being exposed to accident-prone conditions. More often than not, a foot and ankle specialist with knowledge of trauma treatment handles the therapy for patients with these conditions.

Orthopaedic Doctors: The Specialist for Musculoskeletal Medicine

An orthopaedic doctor is involved in all areas of musculoskeletal health care, including medical, physical, and rehabilitative approaches, as well as surgery. It’s a specialization with a huge range of applications. Orthopaedic doctors deal with a wide range of disorders and illnesses that affect the musculoskeletal system. Singapore orthopaedic surgery is often performed by these doctors as well, the same reason they are often called orthopaedic surgeons.

Our Orthopaedic Doctor at Specialist Orthopaedic Centre

Dr Kannan is a well-known subspecialist in the field of foot and ankle disorders and surgeries in Singapore and the Asian region. He earned his medical degree from the National University of Singapore and completed Advanced Specialty Training in Orthopaedic Surgery right after he graduated. The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh awarded him his postgraduate degree.

He was awarded an HMDP scholarship by the Ministry of Health in Singapore to continue his speciality fellowship training in Foot and Ankle Surgery in Switzerland and the Netherlands, where he studied lower limb reconstructive surgery with a focus on Foot and Ankle Reconstruction.

Need help with any musculoskeletal condition? Our resident doctor offers diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for various conditions. Our orthopaedic centre also caters to patients of various ages ranging from children to the elderly. Set an appointment now!