Medical Sauna Reviews: My Personal Experience

I’ve been looking for my own sauna for the last 3 years and decided to search Google since most saunas cost a lot of money. As a retired grandparent its been a struggle trying to play with my grandkids due to years of back pain from my old job. Even though my job required lifting for the first 10 years before getting promoted to management, a lot of back issues as well as arthritis in my hands seemed to haunt me till now. So it made sense to look at medical sauna reviews for the perfect sauna that can help me and my wife with our current medical conditions.

After looking at various medical sauna reviews, I came to understand that Medical 6 Plus Sauna is the best sauna for medical use. At first I wasn’t sure about the price, but then again it had all the features we were looking for. The company Medical Breakthrough is the main company who sells the Medical 6 Plus Sauna, which is a medical sauna that was perfected by actual doctors! However, my wife and I were still slightly skeptic since we felt it may just be a marketing angle to sell the saunas. So then we looked up the additional details for the product by looking at more medical sauna reviews of their product. Once again this model had everything we were looking for such as increasing blood flow, massages cramped muscles and along with a twist of luxury. Even though my wife was slightly questionable about the Medical Sauna, we decided to purchase it anyways and give it a shot. They were one of the only companies willing to offer free shipping so it made complete sense to go with them. With such a great return policy we felt there was nothing to lose.

After It Arrived

The sauna arrived a week late to our home and I thought it was hard to install. So I called Medical Sauna to hire a guy to install it, but they said it was very easy to install and supplied a video. Once everything was ready to go my wife and I jumped in to try it out. With our previous experience using saunas it was common for the heating to take forever. Once we started it up the heating was immediate to our surprise! The heat was consistent and the Medical 6 Plus Sauna also includes insulated air flow systems, which is important due to our arthritis. We were still skeptical on the saunas heating and continued to try it out within the week. We felt it was important to let everyone know about our experience by putting it into medical sauna reviews.

We noticed that the heating was from an infrared heating system which worked just fine. After going back to see if the infrared heating system was safe, we visited the website for more info. It appears that the electro-magnetic field was within zero range. I found the info on this link:

After using it for 6 months it was obvious the medical sauna reviews were true. It also makes me want to drink a lot of water every time I use it. We even invited our friends and family to try it out to see how they felt about it.

We Couldn’t Believe it.

The claims on the videos by Dr. Damon Gangemi D.C. were correct and to the point. Not only did it give me a great sense of relief towards my back pain it made my wife feel a lot better. Ever since we purchased it all of our friends and family who visit us keep asking to use it. I told them they should work hard and purchase their own eventually! No more expensive spa treatments, just glad we could have our own at home.

Dr. Damon Gangemi D.C. (Video)

Thank You For Reading My Medical Saunas Reviews

Having this at home definitely makes things a lot easier and has helped us with our medical issues.

We bought it from this link here: