Myths about Back Pain That You Should Know About

7 Myths About Back Pain - Cary Orthopaedics

Aside from growing older each year and getting more responsibilities, nothing is more dreadful than suffering from back pain as you deal with your adulting life. Indeed, some people suffer from lower back pain from even as early as their twenties. Furthermore, these people tend to develop chronic back pain as time goes by. Who would want to spend their adult life with onset back pain problems? They say life begins at 30 and 40s. However, this would not be the case if you have back pain problems.

However, no matter how common this condition of back pain is, there would always be several unbelievable myths surrounding it. From the possible causes and the best homemade treatments. These myths are mere tales that can also be called misconceptions. These can significantly make the difference between your back pain and your possible relief for your back problems.

So, whether you are currently struggling with back pain or you are concerned about developing further and more terrible problems in the future, the first step toward an unproblematic back is knowing better and understanding the truth about it. Then the second step is to consult a physiotherapist in Singapore immediately. From the symptoms, causes, and future treatments. In this article, we would be talking about the common tales and misconceptions about the condition of back pain.

Your back may suddenly snap

Acute back pain can indeed come on suddenly and all of sudden, often triggered by a specific movement like bending or twisting. But except in cases of traumatic injury, back pain does not work like flipping a light-weight switch. Back pain—even when it comes on suddenly—is nearly always the results of long-term issues like poor conditioning, weight gain, or muscular degeneration.

Back pain and problems are inevitable

Some people think that back pain may be a natural part of growing older, like crow’s feet or greying hair. It is simply not the case. Barring injury or disease, there is no reason an otherwise healthy adult should not be able to avoid back pain even well into old age. Regular exercise, good habits,proper posture, and other healthy diets can all help you with your back pain.

Back pain and problems are not important

Back pain is common. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not significant. Left unaddressed, the causes of back pain are likely to urge worse before they recover. Furthermore, chronic or recurring back pain can sometimes be diagnostic other, more serious conditions like autoimmune diseases or maybe cancer. Do not panic over every ache and pain, but do not ignore them either. If you are googling for “physiotherapists near me” then that is the first good step: awareness.

Exercise is bad for those who have back pain

It is true that a lively lifestyle, especially one that has conditioning of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine, is among the simplest defences against developing lower back pain. But there are a myriad of people who think and feel that they should take everything easy once their back pain starts occurring. Physical activity is essential. Stretching and strengthening exercises under the direction of a doctor or physiotherapist is useful for those affected by both acute and chronic back discomfort.

Athletes or physically active people are exempted in back pain

On the opposite hand, despite its many benefits for the rear and overall health, physical activity is not any guarantee against back pain. Even those people and professionals in excellent and amazing physical state and condition can develop severe back pain due to accidental strain, sports injury, or other possible causes.

Firm mattresses are good for everyone’s back

According to folk wisdom, sleeping on a tough mattress is one among the simplest ways to stop or cure back pain. Some myths and people will even tell you and recommend for you to be sleeping flat on the floor! Unfortunately, hard mattresses can exacerbate back problems. Mattresses and beds that are too firm won’t offer proper spinal support and may cause misalignment over time. Most physiotherapists recommend medium-firm beds and mattresses for optimal back relief and sleeping experience.

Warm shower and baths are good for back pain

Stepping into a hot shower and warm bath after a long, tiring day can be a great way to relax, but it is not always the best way to address lower back pain. In the case of acute pain amid inflammation, a hot bath can make things worse by increasing the body’s inflammatory response. For acute back pain, an ice pack or cold compress can be applied for about a quarter-hour.

Painkillers are the best way to treat back pain

With the epidemic of abuse and addiction to painkillers in the news every day, it is only natural that many people are sceptical of taking prescription painkillers. That is no reason to avoid medical treatment for back pain, though. Depending on the cause and severity of the problem, a doctor or a physiotherapist may or may not prescribe medicines or other needed painkillers. Exercise, physiotherapy, or mild anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are more likely to be recommended in most cases.

You always need surgery to treat your back pain

Similarly, many of us will avoid seeing a doctor or other specialist for his or her back pain because they do not want to urge surgery. But choosing surgeries is usually the last resort for treatment, and a variety of other non-invasive treatments are open.


Your back carries your whole life ahead of you. If you are struggling with back pain now, it is only important for you to get treated immediately. If you are hesitating because of the thought of the cost of physiotherapy in Singapore. Just think about how much your back would affect you when you hit the age of 60 or 70, your back pain would be more troublesome than you could ever imagine.

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