PKV Games: A Complete guide to win Maximum

As the online casino games are so much in demand, companies are tried to bring their own servers or application to make more and more money. One of the server and application name is PKV games. PKV online games are a server that connects you with other agents and to play online games. It gives you access to many other gambling sites also. There are varieties of games that you will find in the PKV games like Bandar 66, Capsa Susun, Bandar Poker online, and many more. You can Get more information here.

This game is played by 8 players in which one are dealer is the other 7 are players.

How to play poker at PKV games?

The PKV game goes with the method of comparing cards. In this, all the 7 players will have to compare their cards with the dealer and the player who got the higher number will win the round. In these players have a higher number of chances to win the game because there is no side bet option. As a dealer, you will be at higher risk but if you win, you will win the double amount of your bet.

How to determine the winner?

In this game, the winner will be decided by the method of hand ranking. Hand ranking or commonly used as Items used to rank the cards. Hand ranking is of 10types i.e.:

  • Royal flush: In this, a sequence of 5 cards is made with the same colour and the same sign
  • Straight: It is like the royal flush but in this only numerical sequence is made.
  • Four of the same: In this, 4 cards are of the same kind and colour and one card is different.
  • Full house (complete house): In this, 3 cards are of the same pair and 2 are of same.
  • Flush: In this, cards must be of the same colour and symbol but not in the sequence.
  • Straight: In this, cards must be in sequence but not of the same symbol or colour.
  • Three of the same: In this, 3 cards are of the same number and 2 can be different.
  • 2 pair: in these 2 pairs are made of the same number.
  • One Pair: In this, 2 carthesef the same pattern and their are made in 5 cards pack.
  • High Rank: When there will be no pair or anything, then the highest rank will be displayed.

Tips to play PKV games poker

  1. Never go for the large table in the beginning. Start with the small bets and understand the procedure of the games, the rules, and tricks and when you feel confident then go for the high table.
  2. The poker game itself an easy game and all you need to do is practice it with small bets and the chance of winning the jackpot will eventually, increase.
  3. Take advantage of the bookie system to earn more and more money.