Practical Deals With matebook d15 i3: Find the best Deal

If you are in doubt about buying the Huawei Matebook D15 but you are not sure if it will meet your needs, we bring you the definitive review . We have done an in-depth analysis of this HUAWEI model to give you our most honest and objective opinion about this laptop, you decide if it will meet your needs or not.

In this review we have carried out an analysis on the essential aspects of this laptop, highlighting the technical characteristics, the battery, the design and its quality, price and specifications to get an opinion as objective as possible, and Chollazos Ninja  exhaustively analyzes all products before reviewing.

Integrated CPU and Graphics

The Huawei matebook d15 i3 is a brilliant option for all those who want a laptop to use as: office, home or study tasks, as well as tasks that are heavier for our team such as photo editing with Photoshop, video editing thanks to its CPU and graphics card.

And it is that its CPU None is perfect for any type of task since it has 1 cores in addition to an impressive amount of ram, 8 GB neither more nor less.

RAM and Hard Disk Is it enough?

And it is that our opinion about the Huawei Matebook D15 changes a lot when we see that it is complemented with an 8 GB RAM and a balanced storage capacity for the price of the equipment, simply unbeatable. Altogether rugged computers are balanced and with an unbeatable price ratio for there characteristics.

Thanks to the versatility of these two technical characteristics, the Huawei Matebook D15 is capable of operating with a fluidity that is more than adequate in any use that we give it, as well as achieving a very fluid start-up, turn on and use!


Speaking of the Operating System, you should know that depending on the offer that we find, this model may or may not include an operating system. In any case without problems if it does not include it, follow these steps and you will do it in a very economical way:

  • Buy a cheap original key here
  • Download the Windows 10 ISO on this page (64-bit version)
  • Run the application and install the ISO on a USB or Pendrive, it must be at least 8 GB
  • With your new laptop and without turning it on, insert the pendrive
  • Press F11 several times until a menu pops up, in which we select the Pendrive
  • Install Windows 10, it is easy to select the language and next to everything
  • When it asks for the key, enter the one that was sent to you when you bought the key
  • And voila, you have your PC ready to go with a clean installation!

Screen Size and Resolution

This model is also notable for its unsurpassed screen with a brilliant resolution perfect for this type of laptop. In addition, the screen of this laptop its colors such as black balance are perfect, offering fantastic characteristics.