Right SEO Monitoring Metrics For Valuable Insights Of Web Performance

Marketers prefer SEO because there is massive data that can be tapped from your website. It tells the number of site visitors, from where they came, and did the visitor make a purchase or not. For example, Linkascope is a backlinks checker tool that allows the site owner identifies opportunities for building links. It even helps to monitor backlink quality and disavow it before Google penalizes it.

Marketers use the accumulated data to create a solid marketing strategy. After implementing the strategy the professionals consistently keep track of the most crucial metrics to reach their digital marketing goals.

SEO monitoring involves defining the important metrics and tracking them consistently to trail your progress. Choosing the right metrics helps to gain valuable insights from the SEO monitoring process. To get started, use the following SEO monitoring metrics.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic figure helps to identify if your time spent on implementing an SEO strategy is fruitful or not. It is the number of site visitors coming from organic searches. You did not pay or refer them. The visitors found your website on Google’s result page. You gain an insight into how well you are ranking and what works best.

Keywords ranking

For SEO, you need to consider two types of keyword rankings.

  • Keywords you rank currently – It tells you about the keyword you rank for currently and helps to determine if you desire to or not.
  • Keywords you desire to rank – You wish to rank for specific keywords. For example, a furniture company specializes in ergonomics office chair supply. So, it desires to rank for ‘ergonomics office chair’ but currently ranks for ‘office furniture’. Its current ranking is relevant to its niche but ranking for ‘ergonomics office chair’ can make a huge difference to the company.


BusyFox Backlinks Services helps in building effective link building strategies. Backlink quality matters rather than quantity. High-quality links attained from new referring domains are more potent that domains you are already linked with.

Backlink tracking gives an inkling of your content’s quality. If it is really great content then you will notice plenty of free incoming links. Keeping track of competitors’ backlinks also helps to detect their viral content and where you are missing.

Page speed

Low page speed can increase bounce rate. Bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors that left the website within a few seconds after landing. It is a negative indicator to search bots that your website is not helpful. Bounce rate is a crucial algorithm, which can trigger because of low page speed. Google can push ranking down, so ensure to maintain page speed of not more than 2 seconds.

Organic conversions

How many visitors from organic search results approved your offer? You can have thousands and thousands of website visitors but it is remarkable only if you can convert 15% into consumers or subscribers.

The importance of SEO monitoring must not be ignored even if it sounds scary and complicated. Bleen is an Australian business directory that helps prospective clients connect with professional service providers. You can hire a reliable one to keep aligned with the latest algorithm and SEO trends.