Why Handcrafted Links Are Superior To Bot-Created Links For Your Website 

We are always looking for quick wins, a shortcut to the top. However, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), know that there are no shortcuts to sustainable success. 

SEO takes time. That’s because the processes involved in it are time intensive. 

One of these processes is link building. 

Link building involves acquiring backlinks from other websites on the internet to increase your online authority and convince Google to rank you higher. 

Google uses the number and, more importantly, the quality of backlinks to determine how reliable a website is. 

The search engine giant determines the quality of a backlink from the authority of the website it is coming from. If your website has a link from a well-reputed website, Google considers this link a good quality, authoritative backlink. In this case, this link builds your online authority and contributes positively to your SEO score. 

Acquiring high-quality backlinks, however, is not an easy task. Such backlinks demand time and dedication. And this prolongs the SEO efforts and hence, delays the results. 

This is why certain companies offering consulting in internet marketing and SEO services tend toopt for quicker alternatives and go for link-building bots.

Now, opting for bots in other areas of life might ease things up. But when it comes to backlinking, robots are the last things you want working on your behalf. 

Link-building bots do get you a good number of backlinks in a fraction of the time taken by organic link building. However, these bots get you links from low-authority websites. And so, they contribute little to your SEO progress. And if matters get worse, using link-building bots can even put an end to your SEO journey forever. 


Landau Consulting, a NJ SEO consulting company, has discussed the devastating consequences of bot-created links in this infographic Check it out to learn why using link-building bots may not be the best idea.