Modeling is a very creative profession at the same time it does require a lot of hard work and a lot of effort. Today, thousands and thousands of people are trying to get into the modeling industry and only a few get noticed just like Kennedy Kittleson. There is a lot of competition and thus a lot of guidance, resulting in a lot of confusion. In the modeling industry, there are a lot of many kinds of modeling genres available. When starting as a newbie you must know about the entire genre, all the niches that are available in the industry. This would really help you in selecting a particular niche and genre for you. Selecting a genre is always necessary as starting in a particular niche and working dedicatedly in the particular niche will definitely help you get more noticed in the industry rather than just trying every other thing.

Runway model – Runway model is the one who takes part in runway shows, show their talent on a runway or a ramp. They just keep changing a lot of clothes and makeup rapidly.

Plus Size Models- These models are involved in the advertising of plus size clothes, makeup items, fashion accessories. They are considered as plus size because of their measurements which usually are a bit larger than usual. Currently, the market for such models is increasing rapidly as a lot of designers are creating more and more plus size clothes.

Fitness Models- As the name suggests, these kinds of models are the fittest ones. They are involved in promoting accessories and clothing related to fitness and workout. To bring one such model you need to really work hard as they are professional and spent a lot of their time in the gym. A lot of magazines feature them and are they are always liked.

Glamour Models- Glamour modeling is a lot of versatile fields. Glamour modeling agencies usually focus on the needs and the requirement by the client companies. They are generally required to promote the sexual appeal of people and can be seen in calendars, music video shoots, and lingerie modeling, etc.

Part  Models- Part models are the ones who are specifically required for a body part of theirs such as eyes, hands, lips, legs, neck, etc. there is a huge demand in the industry for such models for a variety of purposes and in a variety of fields. There are also a lot of particular agencies that are specific in providing models for their body parts.

These are a few categories to choose from before starting in the industry. You must also check out Kennedy Kittleson’s Instagram profile to know more about professional modeling and how to maintain a professional Instagram profile.