Should You Be Wearing Arch Support Insoles?

Our feet may be the farthest place from our heart, but it could impact our daily lives. The moment we overuse our feet or get injured, we would end up in a lot of pain. When that happens, we could no longer do what we usually do. We might not be able to get throughout the day. Well, maybe we could—only if we took medicine that could relieve the pain. However, consuming that is not always the answer. Sometimes, visiting a podiatry clinic is. They could tell you whether you need arch support insoles for your feet or not. Here are the things you need to know about it.

What causes you to wear arch support insoles?

There are many reasons why you need to wear this DME (durable medical equipment). One of which is when you have calluses or when you keep twisting your ankles. However, there are less obvious signs of why you need one. Here are those below.

  • Keeps on falling over.

Losing our balance is something we experienced when we were learning how to walk. However, as an adult, this situation could be a sign that you have flat-feet. This foot condition has something to do with the arch of your feet. You could either have so little to none. Thus, the only way you would be able to verify you have is through a podiatrist. Their assessment could tell you whether you have it or not. Well, if you do, then they would prescribe you to wear arch support insoles that perfectly fit your feet

  • Footwear wears out unevenly.

Like most things, footwear wears out over time. It is a natural thing to happen, but if it does wear out unevenly, then your feet have a problem. It could occur to you in various ways such as you have a high arch, lack of muscle, your feet have a poor posture. Having a clubfoot can also be the blame of why you need to wear one.

  • Experience diabetic nerve pain.

If you already know that your family has a history of diabetes, there is a higher chance you would experience this condition. When you do, you would have a hard time moving your feet and even your hands. Sometimes, you would think you cannot feel those since it already becomes numb. That is why wearing arch support insoles help to reduce the pain of this diabetic foot complication. It could also correct your posture and relieve your back pain and headache.

  •  Stabbing sensation in the heel. 

While for this one, the stabbing sensation you would feel in your feel is the sign of plantar fasciitis. It is a foot condition, whereas your heel becomes inflamed through your toes. However, for you not to experience it, you need to keep an eye out on your weight, excessive movement, and when you wear high heels for hours. Yet, if pains persist, no matter how much you avoid those, visit a podiatry clinic right away.

What should you look for when buying arch support insoles?

Buying arch support insoles in Singapore is not like when you purchase other foot wears. You see, when looking for this item, the brand name does not matter at all. What matters the most is these qualities below. Keep on reading to find out why.

  • Cushion and comfort.

Both of these give your feet someplace to rest, like the pillow that you use in your sleep. However, its softness does not guarantee your feet would feel comfortable at all times. You see, the softer the pads are, and the more it would hit the ground. With that, your feet would absorb all the shock once your feet land on the floor. So, make sure to look for something soft, but not too much. Its cushion should be able to let your feet rest without hitting the ground.

  • Balance and stability.

For you not to lose your balance when you move, your arch support insoles should fit the arch of your feet. That way, you would be able to walk without shaking your ankles. Furthermore, you would be able to move more carefree since you no longer lose your balance.

  • Treatment and recovery.

Since it is quite hard to guarantee this, at first sight, it would be a good idea to seek a podiatrist in Singapore. They can recommend some few brands and types of what you should wear and what suits your condition. Sometimes, they could even make you custom one if you would like.

How do you use one?

For sure, by now, you already have an idea of how to wear one. However, it is worth mentioning to those who doubt themselves. You see, for you to be able to use one, you need to insert those into your footwear. Make sure it does not show your toes. Once done, press it hard with your hand and give it a try. If it feels uncomfortable, try moving it around until it fits the arch of your feet.

How should it feel when you wear one?

At first, you would feel uncomfortable. You feel like your feet itches, and you want to remove those DME into your shoes. However, this discomfort is normal. It happens when you try or do something for the first time. So, give yourself more time until you would no longer feel wearing one. As if, those are not there in the first place.

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