Signs of Water Damage in Your Home, and What You Should Do

Do you live in Davis County and think you might have water damage in your home? The sooner you can get a restoration company to your home, the better. Here are some ways to know if you have water damage, what you can do if you find it, and reasons you should get a restoration company at your home as soon as possible.

Signs of damage could include:

– Bubbling walls, ceilings, or floors
– Paint that is cracked or peeling
– Puddles, or pooled water
– Mildewy or damp smell
– Stains or discoloration
– Mold
– A utility bill that is unexplainably high
– Sounds of running water

If you find some:

– Identify the source of the moisture. Did it come from a window? A toilet? A pipe? If it’s something you can shut off, do so immediately. This will reduce the risk of further destruction.
– Move any furniture or items that could get ruined.
– Try to remove the water by soaking it up and using fans or windows to air out your home.
– To see what’s covered under your insurance plan, contact your insurance company.
– Call a water damage restoration company in Davis County to help you from here.

Damage Restoration Services:

– Contractors are trained professionals in the proper mitigation, cleanup, repairs, reconstruction and restoration processes.
– They are your advocates with your insurance company to make certain you reach a fair settlement to make the difficult process as simple as possible.
– These restoration service companies know that you can’t always see all of the damage and the widespread effects moisture can have on your home. They use digital infrared imaging to discover water retention in walls, ceilings, and floors of your Davis County home, without causing any more problems.
– Companies who specialize in restoration realize that moisture poses a threat to your health. Moisture build-up can cause problems like mold and mildew that are not safe to live with. They know the proper way to get rid of this and clean your home so it is safe for you and your family.

Time is of the essence in these situations or emergencies. It’s important to stop the further spread of damage while you wait for a restoration company to come to your Davis County home. They will help you minimize the destruction, stop the spread of more moisture, clean up, and repair anything that might be affected.

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