Some style tips every woman should be aware of

Being able to dress fashionably daily is a talent which can be tough to master. Fortunately for you, here are some style tips which every woman should be aware of. They are small and simple and will revolutionize the manner in which you dress on a daily basis. Be it a Sunday brunch or a formal trip, these advices will make you look stylish and fabulous every time you step out of the house.

First and foremost, organize and edit your wardrobe

When you talk about dressing fashionably, organizing and editing your wardrobe should be your first step. The idea behind is that how can you make a perfect outfit, if you don’t even know what you have? De-clutter your closet and donate and remove stuff you don’t want to wear. Organize the items into sections. Hang clothes which need to be hung and fold the others. This way your closet will be welcoming and inspiring.

Mix and match your top and bottom

While pulling off fully loose or extremely tight attire may appear simple for those catwalk models, it will not be for you. Hence, in order to achieve a successful look, you should look forward to strike the right balance.  So, it is important to balance your top and bottom. If you are wearing a loose shirt then team it with tight pants and if you want to wear a full-skirt or wide-leg pants, then go for a crop or fit top.

Invest in styles as per your body shape

You have an endless supply of cheap wholesale clothing available online. All you need to do is some strategic shopping. Make sure you invest in designs which work for your body type. If you aren’t sure what clothes look good on you, then pick the most flattering items. If high-rise skinny jeans and waist dress look good on you, then go for stuff with similar silhouette. Make sure you experiment with different shades, fabrics and embellishments, while having the confidence that you are looking amazing.

Don’t be scared to mix patterns

Patterns are a great way to add some fun to your closet. Introducing cheap African clothing to your wardrobe will add more life to it. So, if you have just opted for block colors then it is time to embrace florals, patterns, geometric styles and more. Make sure that patterns complement your body. There is a wide range of African print clothing available online.

Go for colors which suit your skin tone

Have you ever thought why some shades look amazing on you while others don’t? Well, it is due to your skin color. In order to make sure that your dress looks amazing, fill your closet with colors which flatter you. If you have a cool skin tone, then go for white, silver, grey and black. If your tone is warm, then stock dresses in colors of brown, yellow, olive and red.

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