TCM in Singapore: 4 Facts About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore (TCM for short) is a medical system grounded in using herbs, pressure point stimulation, and other natural methods (such as psychological counselling and dietary modification) to treat various ailments. Its origins date back thousands of years, predating even written records, and it remains relevant in contemporary medicine.

TCM in Singapore and China have been used for millennia.

Acupuncture has been practised for more than 2,000 years, beginning with ancient Chinese Taoists who believed that discord within the body was the cause of many diseases. Their methods are in new health practices and have even changed traditional medicines in other Asian countries.

TCM emphasises treatment and preventative care.

The majority of modern medicine focuses on the treatment of an existing illness. Preventative medicine is associated with buzzwords such as “homoeopathy” and “natural remedies” that stand for unreliability and placebos. A TCM clinic in Singapore places prevention at the forefront of its treatment methods and balances the mind and the body.

TCM addresses both the body and the mind.

Through gentle, dance-like forms of relaxation and exercise such as tai chi and qi gong, pressure point manipulation known as acupuncture, and medicinal herbs and their extracts and byproducts, TCM addresses the physical and mental manifestations of illness in a variety of ways. TCM fertility practitioners in Singapore believe harmony between the mind and body is necessary for health.

TCM is safe when administered by a trained professional.

Despite reports that some Chinese supplements purchased through unreliable channels contain toxins, it is safe to receive traditional Chinese medicine treatments from an expert. Tai chi is a safe and effective form of low-impact, total-body exercise.

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