The Best Cars in Rocket League to Take the Arena by Storm

In Rocket League, there are a lot of different cars, but which ones are the best? Right now, right here, we’re going to get to the bottom of this question.

In Rocket League, picking the right vehicle is pretty much required if you want to have any chance of successfully climbing the ranks during each Season. Every single body has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and just like in real life, there is no single optimal strategy that every Rocket League player ought to be familiar with.

Despite this, certain automobiles are wayyyy cooler and much more popular among the community because they simply have a better (both subjective and objective) feel. These are the top Rocket League cars for the year 2022, so get ready to race! We provide a concise explanation of some significant key factors to keep an eye out for and also show which bodies are preferred by the majority of RL professionals.

The Most Powerful Automobiles In Rocket League

Which vehicle in Rocket League is considered to be the best? After all, the selection of bodies is truly enormous, and it continues to grow even larger with each passing season. Phew, that was one challenging question. In the end, the choice of which car or Hitbox is ideal for you comes down to a matter of personal preference. You should make an effort to take into consideration not only your own playing style but also your rank.

Having said that, there are certain bodies in Rocket League that are just so adored by the community, and there are a few others that are regrettably falling behind. Best example: Merc. He is not only big and chubby, but most importantly, he is clumsy. This type of gameplay is challenging for the majority of players. When cost of rocket league credits comes to Rocket League’s top-tier vehicles, however, things take on an entirely new complexion. . .

3. Dominus

While being a standard Rocket League car, the Dominus also bears the name of what is most likely the game’s second most popular Hitbox. Anyone who has played Rocket League for more than a few hours has likely gained an understanding of how risky Power Shots from a Dominus can be. It takes some getting used to, but the large turning radius and the flat design are both advantages. . .

On the other hand, the Dominus is an excellent tool for anyone who feels as though they are falling behind in terms of their flip timing and wishes to catch up. Overall, an extremely stylish Battle Car that possesses some amazing offensive qualities; however, its level of adaptability is not quite on par with that of the other two vehicles.

2. Octane is short for the chemical compound octane.

When it comes to Rocket League’s top-tier vehicles for many years, the Octane has been the model of excellence to emulate. Not only can World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Addons be used immediately after you have begun playing, but it also has a very seductive appearance. Because it is such a strong performer across the board, is not surprising that the Octane is so well-liked by the community. The body is virtually faultless. Whether you’re at the bottom of the ranks or the king of Supersonic Legend. . .

1. Fennec

“There’s nothing like the real thing”. . . What Barney Stinson advocated a few years ago is still valid, at least in regard to the cars that can be used in Rocket League. The Fennec is essentially an updated and refined version of the Octane, which was previously available. Even the Hitbox, which was previously optimized by Psyonix, is included in this version.

The only disadvantage the Fennec has in comparison to the Octane is that the car has a more ponderous and ungainly feel to it. If the majority of your gameplay takes place at a frenetic pace, then the Octane is most likely the better option for you. However, the Fennec is still the best car in Rocket League when taken into consideration as a whole.

Which Vehicles Are Most Popular Among Rocket League Professionals?

Despite the fact that the Fennec can still fill the Octane Hitbox a little bit better than the Octane itself, the Octane continues to reign supreme in the world of eSports. Since the beginning of the RLCS, many professionals have relied on the OG car because, as the saying goes, you should never change a system that is already working. In point of fact, the Octane has always enjoyed such a high level of popularity that Psyonix even dedicated a statue to rocket league item prices in the DFH Stadium.

The Fennec and the Dominus take second and third place, respectively; of course, those who compete in eSports are always aware of what’s enjoyable. They are forced to do so by necessity if they are to perform at the highest possible level. However, if you’re just playing Rocket League for fun and don’t want to put too much effort into it, these are still the best cars to use. Even if you have a different body, you can still perform the most important tricks and flicks. . . So chill out and behave nicely.