The Choice of Polyethylene Bubble Wrap for your Industry

Did you know that bubble wrap is made of two PE films? The air bubbles are formed with a hot cylinder that containscavities with the ability todraw air. Those cavities are installed on one side of the wrap. The other side consists of a bumpy shape. Anyway, this type of plastic product is a perfect packaging solution for manufacturing industries. But the choice must depend on the finished products’ specificities. It is also important to purchase high quality bubble wraps to ensure optimum protection to your goods. So, here are the criteria to be taken into account.

The Diameter of the Air Bubbles

The first point to consider while choosing the right bubble wrap to pack and protect your products is the diameter of the air bubbles. You probably think that all polyethylene bubble wraps have the same size of air bubbles but it not the case. If your industry manufactures fragile and rather light items, you can opt for the classic format of 10 mm diameter. To pack fragile and heavy objects or products with sharp or pointed angles, choose 18 mm diameter. If you produce very heavy articles, bubble wraps with air bubbles of 30 mm diameter is the perfect choice. Regardless of the diameter of the air bubbles, you can find the right polyethylene bubble wrap on

The Dimensionsof the Polyethylene Bubble Wrap

PE bubble films are often conditioned as rolls of several meters long and several centimeters wide. As far as the width is concerned, it is usually comprised between 50 cm and 1.6 m.Of course, you have to take into account the size, the weight and the number of the manufactured productsbefore choosing the most adapted length and width of PE bubble wrap. It should be noticed that this type of packaging solution is also available in pre-cut sheets placed in a dispenser box. It serves to pack and protect small products that have to be shipped across long distance.

The Type of the Products the Industry Manufactures

The next criterion is the use of the items you have to pack with polyethylene bubble films. For instance, you can choose a PE bubble rollof 0.5m x 50m to wrap a plate. If you make TVs or computers, opt for rolls of 1m x 50m. It will protect them perfectly during transport. If you need to pack small paintings or statues, make sure that you buy high end bubble foam film of 1m x 100m, etc.