The number one football API to found your sports betting platform

Sports betting websites are becoming increasingly popular as the leagues increase in number and size and the internet allows for worldwide user networks. However, building and implementing a football API that draws from reliable sports data feeds is the main hiccup faced by developers in realizing a qualitative and trustworthy betting platform. 

Sports betting platforms rely on data drawn from bookmakers and markets to fuel pre-match and in-play odds. This data must be of the highest quality, real-time and, most importantly, accurate. Instead of spending time, effort and money on building your own API from scratch, a more cost-efficient and trustworthy approach is to use an already existing API, one of which is SportMonks Football API.   

Suited to all your needs

One of the most attractive features of the SportMonks Football API is its flexibility. Where static APIs often result in an abundance of irrelevant data demanding you to spend valuable time on cleaning your data sets, flexible APIs allow you to only receive and use the data you need. Moreover, you’re able to customize your data responses and tailor the API to the specific purposes of your betting platform. 

With over 20,000 satisfied customers, SportMonks is the leading API provider specialized in football data feeds. Based on a deep-rooted belief that football APIs should reflect the dynamics of the game, SportMonks developed an API that forwards real-time data updating every few seconds, pre-match and play-in odds collated from major bookmakers and markets and a wide array of football statistics. 

Extensive data coverage

When you’re planning on scaling up your betting platform, access to data from a wide array of countries and leagues is essential. SportMonks provide this access. More than 12,000 leagues are covered by the SportMonks Football API within 240+ countries. The opportunity to take your platform to the world stage is there, however, you are entirely free to choose which data feeds you pay for. By choosing a plan that meets your demand, SportMonks’ Football API is tailored to your needs only. Choose a European Plan and get access to all major European leagues, or go worldwide and include leagues from countries across the globe. 

Aside from the standard plans offered by SportMonks, you’re given the opportunity to customize your own plan and fully tailor the Football API to your needs and demands. The specific requirements for your betting platform can all be included into a plan that meets your future objectives. 

Start your betting platform with SportMonks’ Football API 

Whether you want to start small or take a plunge and aim bigger, the Football API from SportMonks is the foundation for your betting platform. With an API that is both qualitative and affordable, SportMonks offers the solution to your data problems.