The Ultimate Guide to Different CBD Vaping Liquids

In the recent years, the use of CBD has increased rapidly in the medical field, even more than the recreational field. In the United States, 33 states have allowed medical marijuana, and marijuana has been legalized in 10 states even for recreational purpose. CBD is mainly used to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and more.

What are CBD vaping liquids?

CBD vaping oils, e-liquids, and vape juices usually come from full spectrum vaping oil or CBD isolate vape oil. The isolate oils contain around 99% CBD levels, which are made by isolating the CBD compound.

Full-spectrum vaping oil comes in two different types- hemp CBD oils and cannabis oils. The cannabis oils contain higher THC levels than hemp oils and are federally illegal. Hemp CBD oil is more commonly found in recreational dispensaries.

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What is CBD vaping oil, vape juice, and e-liquid?

CBD vaping oil is one of the most popular products for people who smoke their CBD. CBD vaping oil from hemp is extracted from the stems and flowers of the cannabis plant. Whereas the pure CBD oil comes from any part of the plant but it has been through the isolation process.

The CBD vaping oils that come from both hemp and cannabis both have the same spectrum of active phytochemicals and cannabinoids and the only difference is the level of THC in both. CBD vaping oil is very different from CBD oils which are made only for oral consumption. This term is used to describe any CBD products that can be vaped.

CBD vaping juice is a general term to describe any kind of liquid that is used in a vape pen. Vape juices are the same as CBD e-liquid are made with vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) that act as thinning agents. These thinners allow the liquid to be thin enough to coat the heater coils on vape pens.

CBD e-liquids are the same products with the same chemical composition as the CBD vaping juices but the term vape juice is used to refer to the pre-filled cartridges that are inserted in the pens. Refilling any such cartridges can be done with any e-liquid or vape juice.

Why should you vape CBD?

Vaping CBD has become more popular than consuming CBD orally as vaping is more bioavailable. This means that vaping allows more CBD to flow into the bloodstream than through oral methods. Moreover, vaping is more convenient as you only have to replace the cartridges. Vapes also have faster effects on the body than oral consumption.


The information above highlights the differences between the different subcategories of vaping liquids. Furthermore, it also shows that vaping could become a more efficient way to consume CBD.