Things You Need to Know About a Sports Injury Specialist

Whether you are an athlete or a regular person, you have to take care of your body. That way, you would be able to move your limbs without any problem. You see, if you got injured or fall sick, it would be too troublesome for you to go throughout the day. Sometimes, it could also affect your physical training. So, make sure your body is always in good condition. However, what if you stumble yourself while you are running for an errand and get your ankle to dislocate? What should you do then? Which doctor should you see first that can treat it well? For bones and lower limbs injury, the doctor you should see is a sports injury specialist.

Here is what exactly they can do for you.

What are the types of sports injuries they can treat?

  • Sprain

You might think a sprain is a mild sports injury, but it can be much more. You see, a sprain happens when the ligament has been stretched or torn apart. So, before yours reaches the third degree (completely torn apart), see a sports injury specialist to treat the band of its connective tissues.

  • Fracture

Unlike a sprain, a fracture has something to do with the breakages of bone. When it does happen to you, you may experience a lot of pain, and you might not be able to move your limb until your bones are attached and healed completely.

  • Dislocation

Compared to fracture, dislocation is quicker to treat since the doctor would only need to push back the forced out socket. However, the treatment can be painful. Sometimes, it could leave some swelling afterwards.

  • Achilles tendon rupture

Just in case you didn’t know, the Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous cord at the back of your ankle. Once ruptured, you would not only experience so much pain, and you are less likely to be able to walk well. This type of injury usually happens if you play sports competitively.

  • Bruise knee

This injury happens when you overuse your muscle or when something hits it hard. When it does happen to you, you would have to drag your feet for you to walk. But do not worry. Applying some ice packs could ease the pain and swelling.

Besides those sports injuries, a sports injury specialist can do other things for you. Here are the things you less likely expected they can do.

  • Rehabilitation

As part of their medical aesthetic services, they can also help you move your limbs again. They would be able to do it with the help of physical therapy and acupuncture. A sports injury specialist could also ask some nurse to help you undergo a balance and fall therapy, whereas you need to try walking straight into the ramp. This treatment often happens for patients who recently woke up from their coma.

  • Preventive care

Unlike rehabilitation, preventive care focuses on how you would improve your health. That way, you would no longer have to get yourself injured. You see, an injury often happens because you are not flexible enough. However, as you increase your mobility, your body would be able to react instinctively. When that happens, you can prevent yourself from falling down the stairs nor getting hit by a ball.

  • Personal training

If you are an athlete, then you probably know about this. You see, almost every sports injury clinic in Singapore offers this kind of service to improve the sports performance of an athlete. That way, they would be able to compete with their best efforts and ability. Also, another thing you should know about this is that they use various methods depending on the athlete’s condition. One of those methods is sports psychology and dietary discussion.

What should you do when there is no doctor nearby?

Just in case you accidentally injured yourself, you have to perform a first-aid procedure right away. That way, you can stop the bleeding, and it would not develop any infection later on. You see, doing a first aid treatment can make the injury less complicated. That is why emergency care is a necessary thing to do if you see someone gets hurt.

For open wounds

  • If it is a minor cut or scrape, the bleeding will stop on its own.
  • Just in case if it keeps bleeding, you need to press it with a clean cloth. If possible, hold it for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  • It could elevate it to stop the bleeding even more.
  • Once done, you can clean off the wound with running water.
  • If something remains onto the wound, you can use tweezers with rubbing alcohol to remove it.
  • For the wound to heal faster, you have to sprinkle some antibacterial capsule powder.

Can your family doctor treat your injury?

Yes, since they can diagnose and treat a wide range of wounds related to sports injuries. However, they would probably recommend you to see a sports injury specialist since they are much more knowledgeable about sports medicine. They can treat you better on how to deal with your sports injury.

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