Transferring of database from Oracle to MySQL

Following the modern trend of migration from expensive commercial systems to open source equivalents, many companies and organizations are willing to migrate their database from Oracle to MySQL.

Basic scenario of database migration contains the following steps: 

  • Export table definitions from Oracle database as DDL SQL statements
  • Translate it into the destination format and import into the destination database
  • Load the data from source database into an intermediate storage (like comma separated values files)
  • Translate the contents of intermediate storage according to the destination format and import it into the target database
  • Export views, stored procedures and triggers from Oracle database in form of SQL statements and source code
  • Convert these statements and source code into MySQL format and load into the target database

The sequence of steps above proves that the process through the database is transferred from Oracle to MySQL demands a lot of efforts a lot of work. Also, a great risk of data loss or corruption is imminent because of the human influence. A wiser decision will be to employ a dedicated software to make the transfer procedure automated

One tool that can serve that very purpose is Oracle to MySQL which was built by Intelligent Converters is a software dealer that deals in dedicated solutions for database conversion, transfer and synchronization as far back as 2001. Their software, Oracle to MySQL converter possesses a tremendous high performance as a result of uninterrupted reading and writing data without the meddling of middleware libraries or makeups. It works with every version of Oracle and MySQL converter which includes cloud solutions. The product gives command line for the purpose of automating and scheduling database transfer. Oracle to MySQL converter in addition to its basic function of data migration from Oracle to MySQL, it also fuses or unifies it with already existing MySQL database.

Additionally, the tool allows separating data through the SELECT queries. With such alternative, there is the possibility to of selecting a particular column and records or even convert the data prior to transferring it into MySQL format. Some ways through which this can be employed for varying purpose can be seen below:

  1. Filtering records: SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE KeyColumn > 1000
  2. Select and rename individual columns: SELECT column1 AS Name, column2 as Phone FROM MyTable
  3. Skip NULL values: SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Address IS NOT NULL

At times it is important to alter column type in the ensuing database. It is for this reason, Oracle to MySQL converter has an attribute tagged “custom column mapping”. The attribute which gives the chance to alter thename, type, default value and NULL-feature irrespective of column table and also sideline specific columns from conversion.

If it occurs that the target prevents MySQL server from permitting connection, the program can transfer the data into SQL script. What this entails is that source database is transferred into alocal file that has in it SQL-statement to produce tables with all indexes and restrictions and supply them with the data. After that the database admin can transfer the script file to MySQL server using the below tools:

  1. MySQL console client (psql) 

mysql -h host -u user –p –vvf database_name < script_file


  1. phpMyAdmin

(Note, that phpMyAdmin  gives you the choice transfer the dump file into the current  MySQL database only, therefore the database should never ‘CREATE DATABASE’ statement.)


    • Select the corresponding database name in the left frame.
    • On the top screen click on ‘SQL’ tab.
    • Put in the whole path to the dump file ‘Location of the textfile’ field or select ‘Browse’ button to find it through the directory tree.
    • Select ‘Go’ button.

As every products of Intelligent Converters, Oracle to MySQL tool is supplied with unlimited support and one-year subscription for updates. It means every customer will receive new versions of the converter for free within one year after purchasing. For more information about the product, please visit