What Are The Features Of LVP Floors?

Vinyl flooring was originally introduced in the 1930s. Since then it has come a long way and become quite popular among people. LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl plank. LVP looks more like planks of hardwood floors and comes as individual pieces of vinyl. That is the reason they look quite similar to the real thing. Luxury vinyl planks are mostly waterproof. There are amazing features of LVP and we have mentioned them in today’s article.

Features of Luxury Vinyl plank flooring

  • The look and feel of the flooring are real – If you opt for the LVP floor, you would awestruck by the luxurious looks that it gives to your rooms. The engineered vinyl plank gives the best aesthetic looks. Most of the people would mistake them for hardwood and it increases the impression.
  • Waterproof – What more can an individual ask for if he gets a waterproof floor. The LVP floors are beneficial because they can hold up moisture and water to a good extent. It becomes easier and safer for the children to move about on the floor. You can use the floor for water prone areas like basements and kitchens.
  • Easier on your feet – The engineered LVP has proven to be comfortable on your feet and you would feel that you are walking on a real floor. The thick and rigid planks used to give the feel of a real wooden floor.
  • Installation is easy – You do not have to rip off the tile or other surfaces to place the LVP. If the floor is crumbling or is falling apart, you may consider ripping it off. However, it is not necessary to rip off the old floor before placing LVP. It also fits into the kitchen with already installed cabinets.
  • Maintenance is easy – If the planks are damaged for some reason, you can easily pop them up and replace them with the new once. If you need to change the flooring after a few years, you can easily rip up the existing LVP and replace it with a new one.

You would be able to get the work done perfectly if you hire laminate flooring contractors. They are skilled in this field and would be able to do your work proficiently.