What are the Highlights of Sports Bluetooth Earphones

HONOR, as a brand for young people, recently has HONOR xSport Bluetooth Earphone. As a personalized sports accessory, can this product be popular among young sports lovers? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Version 4.1 of Bluetooth and IP55 waterproof and dustproof are familiar standard for sports Bluetooth earphones.

Long endurance up to 11 hours of call life and surging bass, this feature is full of expectation for many people.

HONOR xSport has a hard shell design inside. The storage box contains the earphone body and earphone. Even express violence will not damage earphones.

HONOR xSport earphones (with earmuffs), large and small earphone covers, Micro USB cable, storage box are included. A paper manual and Bluetooth pairing guide attached are available.

The appearance of earplugs is a metal CD grain design. It shows a sense of fashion and technology. The tail is provided with a wire harness device. It can be easily adjusted during wearing and moving to prevent accidental falling off. Due to the wireless design, the wire will not be wound.

Earphones are very light, and the weight of unilateral earphones is only 5 g. The in-ear design is stable to wear. Shark fins can be inserted into the ear to be fixed. Earplugs are designed with magnetic attraction. They can be automatically adsorbed when hung in front of the neck. This not only prevents loss, but also makes it more free to exercise.

The feature of this earphone lies in the balanced design on both sides. The battery and the ear control are placed on both sides of the earphone respectively. They can maintain the balance of weight. They can avoid the sense of disobedience of ordinary earphones and the risk of one side falling off.

The charging interface is stored in the position of the control handle. HONOR xSport’s shark fins and in-ear earplugs are integrated. Compared with the separate design on the market, it is less likely to be lost and easier to install.

HONOR xSport is more comfortable than ordinary earphones. It has a balanced design on both sides, and does not feel any obvious foreign body feeling after several laps. With shark fins and harness belts, it is safer than ordinary earphones and is not easy to fall off. Users can run freely and comfortably. The buttons of the wire control part are a little prominent, which is convenient for blind pressing.

Pressing the middle circle key for a long time can turn on and off and pair. +- key can switch the volume. Pressing for a long time can switch the previous song and the next song.

It has female pronunciation prompt status. Such as waiting for connection, shutdown, low power, etc., and they are clear enough.

The large moving coil unit 11 mm is adopted. It is necessary to know that the unit size can determine the bass effect to a certain extent. The pop music “Dream it possible” is used to test the treble. This song still has certain requirements for earphones. HONOR xSport is a little divergent at high frequencies. The intermediate frequencies are clear. However, the diving degree of bass is sufficient, and the performance of percussion music is good. Especially in sports, it is a kind of enjoyment.

As for endurance, it has 10 days of standby and 11 hours of continuous calls. If you use it for 1-2 hours a day, you can use it for 5 days.

HONOR xSport’s workmanship, appearance and humanized design are impressive. Buying Sports Bluetooth Earphones and choosing this one will definitely surprise people.