What Are Your Options If You Want to Lose Weight?

Have you gained a few pounds ever since the COVID-19 began? Fret not since you are not alone! A study from Ipsos shows that nearly one-third of Singaporean have a hard time managing their weight. As a result, they gain an average weight of 4.8 kg.

While this news sounds absurd, that is what exactly happened. The truth is, Singapore is not the only country that is in this situation. If you use Google and search for it right now, you would find out that it also happens across the 30 countries such as Peru, India, Italy, the USA, Spain, and many more.

Though what is the cause of this sudden weight gain? Why did many people from different places become rounder during this health crisis? The answer is stress. As the pandemic continues, more and more people feel this way. They often worry about whether their loved ones are safe or not. Sometimes, they even wonder when this will end and return to normal. Would that day ever come?

Unfortunately, this train of thoughts never ends, which continues to stress the mind of people. That is why many turn to their favourite snacks as a source of comfort. It becomes their way of coping since eating helps to fill the emptiness they are feeling inside. Also, with the gyms closed for months, physical activities become limited, which is why people put on a few pounds.

Now, what should you do to shed those pounds and achieve the beach body you want? What weight-loss & slimming options do you have in Singapore? Read the rest of the article to find out the answer.


Start Exercising!

When it comes to losing weight, exercising is the first thing that would pop up in anyone’s mind. Doing physical activity does not only help you burn calories but also improves your overall health. As such, you could move quickly and breathe without a problem.

Though before that happens, you have to make time and effort to exercise. Fret not since there are workouts you can do, even while you are at home. Here are just a few physical activities that you can try right now.


Chair Workout.

As long as there is a chair nearby, you can do this exercise! Just grab a sturdy seat and sit at the edge. Then use your arms to slowly push yourself down like you are about to do a squat and raise yourself after a minute and repeat the entire process for ten to fifteen minutes.


Another slimming exercise you can do at home in Singapore is to dance. This physical activity lets you have fun and lose weight at the same time. All you have to do is to groove along with the music playing. Let your body move as you listen to the song for fifteen to thirty minutes.


If you think dancing is not your cup of tea since your body is quite stiff, try shadowboxing. It might sound like an extreme workout, but it is not. In this physical activity, you only need to throw punches in the air while imagining you are punching someone.


If shadowboxing is a bit rough for you, then for sure, stair-climbing is just baby steps. The only thing you should do in this physical activity is walking up and down the stairs for ten minutes. You could do longer if you think that time is not enough.


Do you have a bike? Then make use of that in your journey of losing weight. Just take a spin around your neighbourhood for twenty to thirty minutes. But make sure before you go out and hop abroad on your bicycle, wear a facemask and bring an alcohol spray with you. You could also bring a bottle of water when you get thirsty along the way.


If your house is big enough to have a garden, then make one. Having a garden does not only allow you to have fresh produce for your meals, but you would lose weight taking care of it. In other words, you are hitting two birds with one stone!

Take note that before you try any of these physical activities, you should consider stretching your body. If you do so, your muscles and joints loosen, and they will become more flexible. As a result, you would not experience any discomfort and stiffness.


Change Your Nutritional Diet.

Are you not a fan of sweats and a few hours of physical activity? Do not worry! According to Psychology Today, it is natural to hate exercise for genetic reasons. One, it increases the endorphin the body releases, and the other is it wears anyone out.

That is why do not push yourself too hard to exercise when you do not have the will to do it. Two experts say you can shed pounds with diet alone, but the results would be better and faster if you also include physical activity in between.

Nevertheless, here are some ways to improve your nutritional diet when you change it into a much healthier one.


Eat Breakfast Every Day.

If you think skipping breakfast is a good idea to cut calories, you are mistaken. You will only end up eating more calories throughout the day. Researchers say that people who eat breakfast have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who skipped breakfast, and they also do a better job with daily tasks.

Therefore, instead of skipping breakfast, have a light meal to begin your day.

Consume More Produce.

Eating more fruits and vegetables uproot other foods that are high in calories and fats. Consuming these would also enrich you with vitamins and minerals that your body needs and fill up the room for desserts in your stomach. As a result, you will not have the urge to grab the cookie jar and have a quick snack.

Trim Portions.

Another slimming trick you can do in Singapore is trim the portions of your meals by 10% to 20%. Doing this will help you lose weight since your mind thinks you are eating enough. Of course, to make this method work, only use a small bowl, plate, and cup. According to Brian Wansink, the author of Mindless Eating, using smaller dishware would make any food look plenty.

Have Protein at Every Meal and Snack.

This slimming tip might sound the opposite of your goal, but it can make you feel full longer so you would not overeat.

To do this method, try eating low-fat yoghurt, small amounts of nuts, eggs, beans or lean meat every three to four hours.  However, when trying this slimming tip, keep an eye on your blood sugar level to prevent you from overindulging.

If you have no idea where to begin changing your nutritional diet, keep a food journal. List down the calorie intake you consume each day. From there, you can cut down your usual meal and replace it with a much healthier choice of food. Or you can join a slimming centre in Singapore and ask them what nutritional diet you should incorporate into your lifestyle.


Consider Slimming Treatments.

Only when you are too lazy to change your nutritional diet and do physical activities to lose weight. This one is another weight-loss &slimming option you can try in Singapore. Though if you choose this one, you have to pick between two types of slimming treatments.

Listed below are the procedures under each slimming program in Singapore.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


TCM practitioners say the cause of weight gain is that the body is imbalanced. Thus, to bring back its natural energy flow, acupuncture is needed to stimulate the chi or qi. Doing this a couple of times can reverse weight gain. Here are the results that you will experience afterwards.

  • Improve digestion.
  • Suppress hunger.
  • Reduce stress.


Besides acupuncture, cupping is another TCM procedure that can also help lose weight. But instead of inserting needles into the skin, the practitioner will use a cup to decompress muscles and connective tissues. Once done, you will notice some improvement in your immune system and metabolism in a few days.

Herbal Prescriptions.

Most importantly, those who choose this slimming package in Singapore will need to take herbal prescriptions made by their TCM practitioner. The herbs they will prescribe can increase metabolism and burn fat at the same time.

Modern Slimming Methods.

Cool Radiofrequency.

This slimming treatment in Singapore is a non-invasive procedure, which means it does not require an incision. What you can expect from it is the tools the doctor will use can cool the target areas. As a result, the layer of fat will get reduced by as much as 25%.

Contour Radiofrequency.

On the other hand, this slimming is the opposite of Cool Radiofrequency since it uses heat to burn fat. Fret not since it only induces thermal energy to stimulate the fat cells and collagen production. Once done, you can expect to see the target areas have become slimmer and tone down.


Meanwhile, Acuflex is a slimming treatment that uses infrared and magnetic therapy. When used in the targeted areas, the muscles will become less tense, and stretched muscles will heal faster.

Lipo Slim Care.

After Acuflex, the slimming centre in Singapore will perform Lipo Slim Care as the last procedure for the modern slimming method. In this step, they will use the WellSpa Vacuum. It is a device that can trigger the targeted areas to eliminate stubborn fats.

Any of these slimming programmes can help anyone lose weight. Therefore, if you have no idea which one is suitable for you, ask the doctor where you will get them. Doing so would give you experts details about what you can expect and how much it will cost you.


Undergo Bariatric Surgery.

If you fail to lose weight by exercising and changing your nutritional diet, your last weight-loss & slimming option is bariatric surgery. As the word surgery implies, you have to undergo a knife for hours, and you will have to stay in the hospital for two to three days. Also, before you can return to your normal activities, you have to rest for a month.

After your recovery process, expect to lose two to four pounds per week for about six to twelve months. During that time frame, make sure you are eating healthily to prevent weight gain again.

Another thing you should also know about bariatric surgery is there are side effects, and it will depend on which procedures you got. But here are the common side effects you will probably have after surgery.

  • You will experience acid reflux
  • There is a possibility of infection.
  • You cannot eat some foods that you used to enjoy before.
  • You will feel nauseated and vomit a lot.
  • There is bowel obstruction in between your recovery.
  • There is a possibility of getting an ulcer.
  • You will have vitamin or iron deficiency.

The side effects might look a lot, but most of them will subside after a few days or weeks of resting. That is why if you choose this weight-loss &slimming option in Singapore, follow your doctor so nothing unfortunate will happen.


Which Is the Most Efficient Way to Become Slim?

The most efficient way to become and stay slim is to have discipline on whichever slimming treatment you will choose from the choices above. Keep in mind that each of those ways mentioned has its pros and cons, and your actions have consequences that you need to face afterwards.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight and see results immediately, talk with your primary care doctor. Doing so will help you evaluate your choices, and they will recommend which one of these weight-loss & slimming options suits you.

If you already spoke with them and confirmed that the slimming treatments discussed above could provide you results right away, go to a slimming centre in Singapore called Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre. You will be able to enjoy either one of those slimming packages at affordable prices.