What way will you complete the application for Visa Renewal Dubai easily?

Visa Renewal Dubai Process can be completed online. It is quite a common thing for many people who go for a visit in Dubai and stay longer than their visa period. This is considered your ‘overstay’ and you may need to pay a fine for the same. So, before the extension of thirty days gets over, you should complete your renewal.

How to apply:

  • First of all, you need to fill up the online application form. You can take the help of the various travel agencies who can complete the form on your behalf. It is very much crucial to fill up the form perfectly. This will ensure that you will get the result of your renewal application quickly.
  • You need to submit the supporting documents along with your application. The supporting documents will be according to the visa category you are applying for. There are certain common supporting documents that you will need to provide for all the categories.
  • You need to pay the visa fees online as per the category of the visa and the period for which you want to stay in Dubai.
  • You need to submit the payment receipt of your visa fees and other service fees along with your application.

How much time it will take:

If you submit your application for the renewal visa Dubai correctly within the correct time, it will generally take four to five working days to get your passport back with the renewed visa. However, the processing time of the renewal visa may vary from one case to another. It may take around 60 days in few cases. However, if you can submit the correct application form, there will be a higher chance of getting the renewed visa quicker.

Requirement for renewal visa:

You should first check whether your visa has got expired or not. You will get an extension time of thirty days after that for renewing your visa. Normally, the Dubai foreign affairs department will accept renewal applications with expired visas only. If you want to apply for renewal before the expiration of your last visa, necessary permission will be required for the same. There are certain supporting documents that you need to provide. You should always check the validity of the documents you are submitting.

Where to submit:

Now, the whole process of getting the visa renewal Dubai has become online. Dubai is providing electronic visas to the applicants. Starting from the submission of the application till getting the visa, the whole process will be completed online. For smooth completion of the whole process, you can take the assistance of third-party agencies. If you are not very much habituated to filling up forms or paying fees online, they will assist you in completing the same without facing any difficulty.

Visa renewal Dubai process is extremely easy, and you can complete the same within a very quick time. There are very minimal document requirements which you need to send online. So, make your stay legally valid by renewing your expired visa and enjoy your stay in Dubai.