Why Should You Apply As A Permanent Resident In Singapore

People have their dream countries to live in or retire to. Some want to enjoy the beaches of Thailand, while others like the meadows of New Zealand. Some people still hang in the American dream. Singapore is one of the best and most unique countries in the world. Is it really worth it to apply for PR in Singapore?

Here are the reasons why you shouldapply as a permanent resident of Singapore:

1. Incredibly safe and peaceful

According to the report of the Global Peace Index, Singapore ranked 11th most peaceful country in the world in 2021; one of the only two Asian countries that made the top 15 list.

According to the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), 94% of Singaporeans feel safe walking alone at night.

If you want a safe and peaceful life, it is time to apply forPR in Singapore online.

2. Stable political and social environment

Singapore preserves good governance and the rule of law to maintain the country’s progress. Having a future-minded and least corrupt government has attracted many people and businesses to invest in Singapore.

If you want the people’s interest to be put first, it is time to look for a PR application agency in Singapore.

3. A robust and competitive economy

Singapore is Asia’s one of the most robust and competitive economies. Its friendly tax rates, technology and research focus, and corruption-free trade industry make it an investment destination for many business people.

The impact of a good economy trickles down to its people.

4. Diverse community

Singapore is a melting pot. Although Malay, Indian, and Chinese descents dominate the community, people from overseas flock to the country because of its open and harmonious neighbourhood.

You canapply as a permanent resident in Singaporeto experience its diverse culture.

Singapore is really one of the countries of your dreams. Experience Singapore today.

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