4 Common Mistakes When It Comes To SEO

Despite being widely known in Singapore, SEO is still an unfamiliar term for some people. Countless myths and misconceptions make it confusing to understand the concept of SEO services as a whole. An example of such misunderstandings is that SEO is either dead or just a one-time thing.

The truth is,SEO is neither dead nor temporary. In reality, SEO is becoming increasingly vital for businesses nowadays. The demands for SEO are increasing, as more people strive to achieve better web visibility for their websites. As a result, incorporating SEO with marketing is starting to become a necessity for businesses.

The problem with SEO in Singapore is that it takes time to understand the fundamentals. Sure, you can read a lot of beginner-friendly guides to SEO that will help you create your very own marketing strategies. But even if you skim through countless articles and instructions regarding SEO, you are always bound to make a mistake, one way or another!

Don’t worry, though. Even the most experienced marketers in the digital marketing industry still make mistakes from time to time. It’s inevitable! What matters is you learn from mistakes and come up with more effective SEO strategies. More importantly, you should be one step ahead of yourself by knowing some of the common mistakes when it comes to SEO services.

Here are the top four most common mistakes when doing SEO.


There are many different types of SEO, such as technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO, to name a few. However, one thing some people tend to overlook is localSEO.

For small businesses in Singapore, local SEO is crucial. This type of SEO focuses on improving the online presence of your website based on proximity. Your goal is to optimize your website for nearby customers who may be interested in looking for your business. To do so, you need to utilize location-based keywords so you can reach potential customers within your area.

Doing local SEO for your small business is such a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Not only can you increase your SEO rankings, but local SEO allows you to gain more customers who are near your establishment. Not to mention, your website has better web visibility on Google Maps, so make it a habit to optimize it for local SEO. In the long run, your customer base will grow, and more people will reach out to you, thanks to your improved web visibility for local search.


One of the most common mistakes when doing SEO is using the wrong keywords. Surprisingly, this mistake is quite common for beginners since it can be hard to distinguish which keywords are the right ones to include in your SEO strategy.

Unfortunately, many people are using generic keywords when creating content for their website. Sure, it can help attract tons of visitors, but it can take a lot of time before you succeed. Instead, try to be more precise and use specific keywords that are relevant to your content.

For example, imagine owning a law firm in Singapore. In that case, you might be using keywords such as “law firm” or “law agency” for your SEO campaign. The problem with these keywords is that they are too generic. Instead of using generic keywords, look for specific keywords, such as “law firm in Singapore” or “law agency near you”. In doing so, you can reach a niche audience and face fewer competitors, allowing you to improve your SEO rankings more quickly and efficiently.


There is nothing wrong with writing simple and easy-to-read meta titles and descriptions. After all, one of the goals of SEO is to create high-quality content that is accessible to everyone. However, there is a difference between accessibility and dullness, and some content creators fall into the latter category.

When creating meta titles and descriptions, avoid making the same ones for each web page. For instance, the meta titles and descriptions for your product page and contact page might be the same. You should avoid this at all costs! Remember to create unique titles and descriptions for every page on your website. Also, use relevant keywords as well, so you can improve your SEO rankings even further.


Link building is such a vital part of SEO. It can help you increase your SEO rankings by using external links from other websites to enhance the quality of your content.

Unfortunately, some people focus on obtaining too many hyperlinks while neglecting the quality of each one. The problem with this mistake is that prioritizing quantity over quality can result in little to no results for your SEO campaign. Not to mention, acquiring too many hyperlinks could result in spamming, which can affect the overall quality of your content and reduce the amount of traffic to your website.

Focus on getting high-quality links to establish the relevance of your web page for search engines. Google will have a much better time knowing that your website consists of many high-quality links from reputable domains. In the long run, quality is more important than quantity, so obtain high-quality hyperlinks as much as possible to improve your SEO rankings.


If you are new to SEO in Singapore, expect to make a few mistakes along the way when creating an SEO campaign. Sometimes failure is inevitable, but what matters the most is that you learn how to improve your skills based on what you have learned from your mistakes.

Try to get in touch with a digital marketing company to learn more about the fundamentals of SEO services in Singapore.