4 Destination Places in Jakarta You Can Visit Together With Family

Jakarta is an excellent destination place to go on a vacation with family. The city has a lot of attraction places that can provide fun activities. Here are 4 destination places in Jakarta that you can visit together with your family.

1.) Merdeka Square

This monumental square is among the critical sights of Jakarta and spans over a 1km sq. This square is 5 times the magnitude of the enormous Tiananmen Square in Beijing! In the middle of this open space is the National Monument, and surrounding this iconic statue is rows of footpaths, trees, and beautiful water features.

Whenever you’re in Jakarta, take some time (plus some pretty sturdy walking shoes) to visit this particular campground.

2.) Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands are a chain situated off the north shore of Jakarta and offer an array of opportunities for those wanting to step beyond the bounds of the capital. Here you will discover some fantastic restaurants, beautiful hotels and spectacular secluded islands lined with multi-colored gold beaches.

The islands are a perfect chance to unwind and soak up some of that Indonesian sunshine.

3.) National Gallery

Built in 1999, the National Gallery aims to showcase the beautiful Indonesian talent. It is the best place to check out some rather considerable artwork from Indonesia. This fantastic complex contains over 1700 individual bits from well-known Indonesian artists like Raden Saleh, Affandi and Basuki Abdullah (if you don’t even know who are currently, you’ll certainly will and will likely be a lover by the time you depart. The art gallery also has some pieces of work here from musicians like Hans Harting and Victor Vasarely. For art fans, this gallery provides hours of intrigue and amusement.

4.) Taman Mini Indonesia Park

To get a real understanding of Indonesian culture and the daily life of its inhabitants, there’s no better place to go than the Taman Mini Park. Covering an area of 250 acres, this park displays a massive number of Indonesian heritage and tradition in the form of distinctly themed pavilions. Also, there is the beautifully detailed miniature of the archipelago of Indonesia, a cable car, an IMAX Cinema, and even a traditional theater.

Basically, this is where you go if you merely wanna genuinely get stuck in with the locals going about their daily lives as this beautifully designed park remains a hugely popular tourist attraction and sailors alike.

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