6 Best Diving Sites Traveller Couldn’t Agree More in Raja Ampat

You have heard that Raja Ampat is one of the very best dive destinations around the world, but could it be? Well, do you enjoy tropical seas sharks, macro, enormous schools of fish and everything in between? Subsequently, Raja Ampat is the area for you! It has everything a diver could ever want.

Sardine Reef

The site is a huge pinnacle, that is oval and about 200m long, with a reef top at approximately 5m and gently sloping down to the flat sandy. You could expect to see large schools of fusiliers, sardines, damsels, bannerfish, butterfly sweetlips fish and snappers common triggerfish. The site and predators like barracuda, Spanish mackerel, jacks and trevallies also could be observed. Then there’s grey reef sharks, white-tipped reef sharks, and the black-tipped reef sharks.

Arborek Jetty

The Arborek jetty, in which thousands, if not millions of bass surround your every movement. There are really spots like that on the planet, and we highly recommend freediving here rather than diving. The jetty itself begins at around 2 m and goes down to about 10 m for freediving and snorkelling gives you a better experience. You cannot visit Raja Ampat without visiting Arborek Jetty.

Keruo Channel

Narrow water runs between the Keruo station. The dive site runs across the wall of this flow and maybe started from the south or the north depending on where the current is flowing. The dive site is a spectacular wall covered in colourful sponges and nudibranchs. The bottom, however, stays at 25 m and drifts along with the light present because the tender follows you. This is just another site that ends with a shallow reef that is terrific for some reflection photographs with all the light.

Blue Magic

Blue Magic is the most famous dive site above The Mioskon. An underwater pinnacle that starts about 7 meters and extends down to less than 30 meters. You may expect to come across big schools of fish of all sorts of fish species and cleaning stations. Also, larger predator fish and manta rays in season will be visible. Pygmy Seahorse will also be abundant on this particular Central Raja Ampat dive site.


A fantastic dip for the Raja Ampat adventure. Consisting of a coral column that plunges to 25 meters deep. Best for novices or those in an intermediate level, in light of its parts, which are mild but can sometimes be rather intense. You can see a lot of snappers here

and if you dive down it is possible to find Wobbegong sharks. There are fusiliers, seahorses, trevallies, groupers, giant clams, morays and more.

Cape Kri

Cape Kri retains the world record for your site with the most significant number of species referenced within one single dive! The crossroads of different currents in the point of the island of Kri has made an unbelievable range of flora and fauna — all kinds of critters, many schools of fish, fantastic coral diversity, specimens for intermediate lovers! It’s enough to dive down, cling to stone, and revel in the show! You never return disappointed from a dive at Cape Kri!!

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.